Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello Readers!  I wanted to just quickly post to let you know that S's oral surgery went well today.  She has a lot of discomfort and pain afterwards, but she's been a real trooper today.  I'm so impressed with her.  She's doing a good job resting up per doctor's orders.

By this evening, she was hungry (as he said she'd be) and she was able to eat some pudding, sherbet and finally a dish of macaroni and cheese (she tried soup first and then saw a commercial for the mac-n-cheese and craved it so bad, so I made her some).  She can't chew yet, so the macaroni had to be swallowed whole, but she managed.

She's still pretty swollen -- especially on the right side of her face (they apparently had to work harder to get those ones out) -- but I think she'll look and feel better in a couple days. 

Anyway, thank you so much for praying and for checking back to see how she's doing.

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