Friday, March 2, 2012

Post Office Faux Pas

Oh my, dear Post Office:  After doing a nice complimentary write-up about you during the holidays, this is how you repay me?

I wanted to mail my sister's necklace back to her after she left it at my house on her visit.  I took the little package to the post office on Tuesday, had them weigh it and put postage on it and then lo and behold, there it was returned to me in my mailbox today!  What?!

They want an additional 20-cents because it requires hand-sorting.

Why the heck didn't the post office people tell me this when I was there in front of them.  I would have given them the extra two dimes without a second thought.  But now I have to go back down there and politely yell at them for making me do this extra step.

Post office: don't you want to encourage people to use your services more than just email or FedEx/UPS?  Aren't you in need of customers?  Well, I'm sad to say that this does not reflect as well on you.  (Insert disapproving head-shake here.)

P.S. Dear sister, your necklace is being delayed.  I'm sorry. :-\


  1. Wow, that is ridiculous!! Also, I would've thought they would just deliver it to me and have me pay the 20 cents. So do you have to re-pay whatever you've already paid? Grr.. I get so annoyed at the post office for exactly what you said about how they need customers and they make us hate them. :P

    Anyway, sorry and thank you! I totes forgot about t he necklace. I could pay you back for shipping. :)

  2. Don't pay me back. It's only 65-cents total ... it's not the money I'm complaining about. It's just the principle. :) Hopefully that comes across in the post.

    I still think the cost of shipping USPS is pretty reasonable when I think about all that has to happen to get something from here to there.