Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Leap Day

For all the times I've prayed for extra time to accomplish things or complained about not having enough time to get something done ... God heard my pleas.  Once every four years, He responds to my cries with the gift of a whole extra day (except on centuries not divisible by four -- but I don't know if I'll be around for any of those).

Thank you, Lord!

And maybe it was this attitude that helped me not to squander the time.  I rose early and picked up my bedroom and downstairs.  I directed kids to do various jobs.  Floors were vacuumed and an extra load of laundry was complete by 8:00am.  I did my daily Bible reading (and an extra day because I've missed a couple here and there and I need to make those up).  I ate breakfast.  I checked S's schoolwork plan for the day and she was good to go.  The older boys and I got halfway through their class time when my nieces arrived.

I felt so good to be getting so much done!  I was organized and efficient.

The rest of the day went well, too.  It wasn't as swift after the little girls arrived, but it was fine because I'd gotten ahead of myself early on.  By the time C got home from work, I didn't cringe, wondering if he would be greeted by a big mess and hyper kids.  Things were complete.  In order.  School work was finished.  Chores were done.  H was already at his football practice.  Z was outside playing with friends.  O took a nap.  J and S finished up their laundry for the day.  Amazing.

Love it.  Days like this are rare.  Maybe not quite as rare as Leap Days are, but still, I want to hold onto this feeling of accomplishment.  Putting an extra day to good use.

And for those of you looking for an easy/fun explanation for this fabulous extra day, I found this little video (which I used as part of our homeschooling today!).  Enjoy - and happy Leap Day!


  1. You had a very good day! I can't even remember what I did on Leap Day! (I enjoyed the video.)

    Love, Mom