Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ok, So Neat!

I took Z to his audition today and while I have no update to give you on that (he said it went well) because we had to verbally agree not to disclose anything about the audition to protect the integrity of the film, I will write about the audition location.  It was such a nice side-surprise to this day!

So they held the auditions in Los Ranchos at this place called Los Poblanos Inn & Cultural Center.  Though we've driven through Los Ranchos several times (one of my "someday" places I wouldn't mind living if I limited my choices just to New Mexico), I'd never noticed this place because it's set back from the road on a big chunk of land.

First of all, we enter through this most gorgeous (even in the winter) tunnel of trees.  The passageway was so photogenic -- but click that link above (the Inn) to view their gallery, their pictures are way better than anything I snapped as we were leaving.  Also, here's another blog I found where people who'd actually stayed at the inn wrote about their time there and took many great photos.

We parked and I noticed signs for a farm shop.  I am not personally all into farm shops like some people who just live for them.  Hello, I like Target: neat, orderly, bright lights and shopping carts.  But my husband, as someone who loves to cook using natural, farm-fresh ingredients when possible, loves farm stores.  So I made a mental note to tell him about the place.

We found our way to the location on-site where they were doing the auditions.  We were the first ones there.  Then another gentleman, who was friendly, but equally "lost."  There were no signs because the casting director and her team were running late.  So we made ourselves comfortable and eventually they showed up.

While the team got everything set up (laptops, etc.) and had a little meeting (on which we were allowed to eavesdrop), Z was a little distracted by all the artifacts around the room of this historic inn.  He wandered and touched and looked and I wanted to keep corralling him over, but there is no keeping this kid still.  He's just a curious kind of kid.  Eventually, when the casting director started talking to the other guy and Z, she spoke sternly and asked if he was ready to listen yet.  I think he caught most of it, but I listened, too, just in case.  She basically explained the premise of the movie without telling us too much information.

After a little while, Z went outside to be taped doing some improvisational things on camera.  I wasn't allowed to watch.  He did say he had to run a bit.  Beyond that, I can't share.

So back to the Inn.  Following the approximately 30 minute session, we headed back to the parking lot and I said to Z, "Maybe we should just check the farm store for Daddy, to see if it's worth coming back some day."

We went in.  It was all one might expect from a farm store.  Crafty, homemade stuff adorning aged shelving.  But what caught my eye was the events calendar.  I noticed that they offer a variety of workshops and classes that might be great little field trips for our homeschool.

So I talked to the lady at the counter who gave me some information and pointed me to the website.  When I mentioned homeschooling, she introduced me to the person in charge of the farm they have on site there.  She is also a homeschool parent and her children help take care of the farm.

We had a great discussion and I fully intend to take our kids out there for some time on the farm!  How much fun will that be?!  I love hands-on learning opportunities so much and the kids definitely prefer it over sitting and worksheets, so we do as much as we can in "real life" classrooms.

It might even work into a new volunteer opportunity for S.  The lady was excited at the prospect of a new volunteer because they need help, especially with a bunch of new baby animals expected to arrive next month (how fun!).  I talked to S about it and now she's all excited.

So that was our morning ... and the day continues!


  1. I did read this, but I'm all behind on EVERYTHING, so I can't offer a very thorough comment.

    Hopefully the fact they had to speak sternly to Zay doesn't count too much against him, although I guess either way it's a good lesson to him. :)

  2. Ditto on Jessica's comment about Z's repremand. (I'm hoping it doesn't hurt his chances.)

    Now the farm, is that the same farm where S works now?