Friday, February 24, 2012

Wh-What?! Another Direction, Indeed

So today, I started a new part-time job.  I'm now providing childcare for two of my little nieces.  It's been a fun adventure so far, figuring out how to accomplish all that I try to do in a day with an infant and a preschooler in the mix.  There were many reasons for taking on this extra job and the Lord has been blessing me all day with responses to the situation that give me a new enthusiasm and energy even though now I'm here at home (and taxiing about) with seven kids, not just five.  Anyway, so far, it's going really well.

While the baby takes a little nap and the others are done with their schooling for the day and playing nicely together (even my dishes are done! wow!) I thought I'd update you all on something amazing that just occurred.

As I finished up the dishes, the phone rang.  I didn't recognize the number.  But I answered, even though (in my busy-ness) I usually don't answer numbers I don't know.  It was the casting director!  Yes!

They called to see if Z would be willing to come in for a next-level audition (more taping).  Are you kidding me?  We'd already figured they'd moved on, but apparently they couldn't get my energetic little teddy bear out of their heads.  So they've narrowed it down and now they want to see more of what he can do in front of the camera.

As if that's not cool enough, tomorrow is Z's tenth birthday.  So his next-level audition is taking place on his birthday. 

I'm sort of weirding out.  Seriously, nothing at all could still come of it.  But every "next-level" they ask of him, gives me this bit of hope.  It's nothing I ever verbally recognized wanting for our kids, but there's just a cool factor about this whole thing.  Like, "Who would have thought this would be one of our kids?"  But it is.

I did ask directly what movie it is, but they can't reveal that.  The casting lady did tell me that it is a critically acclaimed film with a well-known director.  But until they make final casting decisions about the leading roles, they don't announce the movie.  And even if Z gets the role, he'll have to sign a non-disclosure form and we won't be able to talk about it till it's released.

A non-disclosure form.  That will be so unreal if we get to that point!  Anyway, pray it all goes well and God is glorified tomorrow.


  1. Wow! I totally thought that door was closed. Interesting! So I guess K didn't get any further callback? Of course she's technically older than they wanted, right?

    Congrats and good luck, Z! And happy birthday! Give him Z-hugs for me. :)

    (Also give alllll of my nieces and nephews many hugs for me because I miss them already!)

  2. K has not yet heard anything. We are hoping she does, of course, but yeah, maybe she was too old after all. Or maybe they need more boys than girls. I don't know.

    I will continue giving all the kids hugs for you. And for me. They're all pretty huggable, so I don't mind a few extra.

  3. That's been a month, already? Well, you could still hear something. I'm sure it takes a lot of time.

    I'm officially only 1 month behind with my blog-reading. I'm taking small steps. What will I do when I'm caught up?

    Love you, Mom

  4. I was thinking about how fast you're catching up, Mom. You're a faster reader than you think! I'm sure you'll find something to do with the extra time when you're caught up. :) Thank you though for all your reading and fun commentary! I love it.