Friday, February 17, 2012

Auditions Followup

I've had several people -- people with very high-hopes for us, I think -- still asking me if we ever heard back after the casting call.

I'll sum it up with Z's great quote from the other day.  We were driving home from the store or something (I forget) and suddenly, he said, "Mom?  I'm pretty sure those movie people decided to go another direction."

I told him that maybe he was right.  I was just glad to know that he was not crushed or devastated by the rejection and that he took it in stride.  We'd gone into the whole thing with a "something fun to try" attitude and it was.  We got out of it, what we'd hoped.  The little bit of extra time they gave us for a couple of the kids was a complete surprise and bonus.

I allowed myself to get a bit hopeful after that and I was a little disappointed when they didn't call.  But it lasted like a day.  We're back on track and back to being just our regular family without any movie stars in it.

Still, a really great thing.

And yes, should the opportunity arise to try again, we just might.


  1. Z could be a talent agent! LOL. I'm glad everyone is okay with the outcome.

  2. You don't know until you try! Good for you.