Monday, February 6, 2012

Three Questions

There are some times when J gets so introspective and thoughtful about things, it's hard to remember she's seven.  I mean, honestly, she holds her own in the goofy category as well, but sometimes she is just really deep!

Here are three questions she asked me while running errands and then back home today.  I believe these were mostly rhetorical (or at least I hope so, because I don't really know the answers).  None of them really seemed to stem off of any conversation we were currently having.

1.  "Why aren't vowels called owls?  That's a cuter word and easier to remember."

2.  "What if this whole world was just a big dream and I've been sleeping this whole time?"

3.  (While staring at Nova chewing a bone) "Do dogs have taste buds?"

Okay, so she may not be the next notable philosopher, but I still don't know how she thinks of these kinds of questions.  Or why.


  1. So many times I've wondered about number 2...even wished for it. :P

  2. Me too! I wonder who puts that idea in our heads!