Monday, September 17, 2012


A mood suddenly struck our two craftiest kids this past weekend and they were making one new creation after the next.  I couldn't keep up!

H painted a plastic mask he bought with his own money at Hobby Lobby; he built a Popsicle stick fort; he drew some stuff and this is all in addition to whatever Lego stuff he built.

J created some pictures online and on paper.  She made a menu for her dad's someday future restaurant.  She started teaching herself to sew with a little sewing kit and some scrap fabric I picked up for her for cheap.  She also built stuff with Legos.

My favorite project of hers, though, stemmed from her making her own Popsicle stick house that she later decided would look better accompanied with some sky, grass, trees and birds.

Complete with a little motorcycle with poof-ball tires parked out front, of course.

And what good is a plain ol' diorama if there's space for a little bling?!

Got to love creative kids!


  1. Your kids are so creative! Thank you for the photos.

  2. Oh now I have a visual for what she was talking about on the phone! Nice! I feel like doing crafts.