Thursday, September 20, 2012


Not counting how many readers follow Mama Flock through their Google (or other?) readers and their email address because I don't know how to figure that out (or even if I can), I just noticed that I'm up to 20 members now!

I mean, sure, one of them is me and at least one person has two profiles listed, but still -- I see the number 20 and that is just a thrill.

I continue to maintain that I blog for me and my own outlet and enjoyment and record keeping, but do I like knowing that other people out there are sometimes reading my stuff.  Heck yeah!  It's completely flattering.  All glory to God, of course, but it's nice to know a servant of His is actually stirring up some attention in His honor.

Twenty is small compared to a lot of blogs I follow and have seen, but to me, 20 is amazing.  Thank you, readers and followers, for making my day!  I love you gals and guys!


A second matter of celebration is that it is my 39th birthday this weekend (no, really, I'm turning 39 the first time).  My husband knows I'm not really keen on surprises -- especially in scheduling -- so he so kindly emailed me a general outline of how my birthday weekend will go (based on some requests/suggestions by me).

I thought I'd share it here with you so you can anticipate all its goodness with me...

Friday (Date Night)
  • Melting Pot for dinner
  • Apple Store (to check out the iPhones so we can talk more about maybe getting a smart phone for me - teeheehee)
  • Get a new UV Filter for my camera lens
  • Go to the store to get me some new jeans and a autumn sweater/sweat-jacket (I'll be spending birthday cash from my dad and mom that came happily in the mail today -- thank you both, so much! I needed some new replacements to my standard daily uniform, for sure.)
Saturday (Family Day)
  • Flying Star for Breakfast (I'm sooo ordering the Southwest Bennie - yum)
  • J's dance class (this sort of interrupts the "me" parts, but you know, I'm still a mama)
  • Botanic Garden to see their Fall exhibits (and take some pretty pictures!)
  • Seafood for dinner (possibly homemade!)
  • Family game of Scrabble
  • Backyard campfire
Sunday (Group Day)
  • Church services
  • Group linner (that's lunch and dinner combined, for our family and my sister's family) at Mario's!
  • Special Birthday Dessert (I'm thinking home-baked carrot cake, mm-mmm)

I have such an incredible and thoughtful husband to plan this all out for me and then tell me -- especially since I love the anticipation most of all!

Do you have any special weekend plans?  Share!


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Happy birthday and congrats on 20 followers!! :)

    Two of my friends are coming to yoga with me tomorrow and then we're having brunch at my house. I'm excited!

  2. Thanks, Brenda!

    Have a great weekend. :)

  3. Wow! That does sound like a great list and definitely something to look forward to.

    Happy Birthday!

    Love, Mom

  4. Sounds fun! And if you get an iPhone, that means you can play Words With Friends with me and Mom and Dad!

  5. Thank you everyone. I'm answering these comments right in the middle of the whole celebration. It is going so spectacularly well. I feel really at peace with turning 39, even though it sort of terrified me for some reason. Mostly, it's thanks to the love of my family. :)

    And Jessica, we were looking at the iPhones for me and comparing 4s with the 5. C has put off getting me a smartphone for a long time (not for my lack of begging), because he didn't see the need for the added expense. But as time goes on, he sees more reasons it would be useful to me. Then today, he was borrowing my phone to reach S (studying at the school) and he was getting so aggravated with it! He said, "Your phone makes me feel stupider!"

    I said, "Yeah, all the more reason to get a smartphone."

    He said, "Yes. It is."

    Then I elbowed him a little and cried out, "Why have you made me suffer for so long with just this little dumb phone?!! Why?!!"

    And the kids all thought I was really crying, until I burst into laughter.

    Don't ask me my point of saying that part here, but yes, I am looking forward to Words with Friends (and family), and it looks more hopeful that the day is coming for that! Even C is frustrated with my phone now. :)