Thursday, September 20, 2012

No Argument

It's hard to argue these answers when the directions were followed precisely.  Look how "Sara" was made plural and "Bone" was capitalized as a name should be.

Homeschool, folks.  Sometimes, I can't argue there is any better way for children to be children.


  1. I've had a couple people email me about this post and so to further explain, this was J's paper. I told you she loves the world outside of the box!

    When she turned this in to me, she was laughing hilariously and said, "Mama, I could have done this the right way, but I thought you would like the funny way instead."

    While every "in the box" instinct of mine was to make her go back and put the "RIGHT" answer on the line, I looked at the directions and realized she had done what the paper suggested. The assignment was correct.

    She taught me an important lesson about how to relax a little more about worksheets and not take everything so seriously. I could use more of that in life, for sure.

    I didn't mention the paper was hers mainly because she's been in rare (and silly) form lately and I have made a couple back-to-back posts featuring her and I don't want this blog to seem so one-sided. You all know that over a lifetime, there is balance -- every kid gets my attention at home and here in the blog. Seasons of life, folks.

    Anyway, hopefully this explains a little more about my thinking and how instinctively, I was going to argue about the correctness of this worksheet! Can you believe it? I nearly passed up a great joy moment. What was I thinking?

  2. J was actually very crafty. She got EVERY answer wrong according to what we think the answers should be. That takes some preplanning and a sense of humor.

  3. Oh I thought O had done it! Ha.. that's funny that she intentionally did it wrong.