Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend Journal: Prompt 9

Okay, this weekend, I'm "borrowing" the idea for our journal prompt from Jodie at Fresh Art Photography who blogged about her personal Everest and tackling it this summer (water skiing) and she asked the question of her readers ... What's your personal Everest right now?

So that's our prompt, friends, what's your personal Everest right now?  What is the seemingly impossible thing in front of you that you want to accomplish successfully?  Or maybe you already have accomplished something that seemed insurmountable just recently -- you can use that, too.  Journal about your Everest using whatever means necessary to document this hurdle in your life!

Here's my journal post...

I've lived for months working at a desk piled up with half-done projects and random papers and books.  Even the cabinets were a danger to open or things would fall.  I had a variety of pictures and notes and cards hanging from the cabinet doors and most of them were falling off continually and just added to the cluttered feeling.  During all my research of the human body and accumulation of materials, I've been piling those things in boxes on the floor near my desk.  I was starting to look like a homeschool hoarder in this corner of the room.

So yesterday, I spent a good chunk of the day organizing my desk (inside and out) and getting it ready to start the new school year.  J and O helped clean up our closet in the room, while H and Z did other jobs around the house for me (I rewarded them all with a trip to the pool afterwards).  Today, O helped me build this little bookshelf (currently on sale for $16 at Target) so I could get rid of the boxes of books and materials and organize my resources as I continue to develop the human study curriculum.  (This shelf is separate from the homeschool bookshelves that house the overall homeschooling books.  Our school room has a lot of books.)

Anyway, not only is "getting organized" one of my therapeutic goals, but tackling this big project prior to starting the school year has been freaking me out all summer long.

And now, it's done.  Ahhhhhhh.


  1. Good for you! The room looks great! I would love to do that with our whole house, but I don't think I'll be done this year.

  2. Haha. Our whole house needs it, too. Especially this week while we're starting school and getting the schedule down. Even C asked me last night when we might be working some "home ec" into the schedule again. "No pressure," he added. Ha! Things outside of our classroom are on the decline. But it's lovely in here. :)