Friday, August 31, 2012

Hi-Tech Love Notes

As full as our lives are in this "season," there are some days where it seems the only way my husband and I get to converse is via short text messages or emails.  Between trying to find a few quiet moments to have an actual, uninterrupted spoken conversation and being too exhausted to talk or listen when we finally get there, I'm glad technology has given us the ability to touch base with one another throughout the day without a lot of extra effort.

My husband, an incognito romantic, still has a container filled with the love notes I wrote him when we were teenagers (I was not as good about saving those ... though I do have an old mix-tape he made me).  But these days, our love notes are much more hi-tech.

Today was one of those days when we were each going in a totally different direction, yet we were able to stay connected thanks to our cell phones and computers.  I thought it might be fun to record some of our "love notes" here for posterity and so that our readers can get a better sense of our lives.  Perhaps some of these are a little humdrum, but stick with us and you might be entertained ... I was.

C (text):  I love you!  That's all.  Have a good day!

C (email): Do me a favor and go back and read this Mamaflock post...
When you're done, open up the next email I'll send.

C (email): In case you might have forgotten or you sometimes don't feel like it, please be reminded that you are a rock...I have never, not one time ever, met a mom who is as capable as you. I know things get you down sometimes and you feel overwhelmed but, dang lady, it's to be expected. Even superheroes sometimes change back into street clothes for a while. Everyone gets worn out and needs a recharge sooner or later.

Anyhow, I was catching up on your older posts and that one reminded me of the strength of this lady I love. I figured I'd share in case you weren't feeling very strong today.

I love you!

R (email): Thank you for the encouragement.  Things have been a mixed bag today of good and challenging, but thank you for loving me regardless. :)

R (text):  How's it going?  I miss you today.  We did 2 hours at the pool and now we're at Schlotsky's for dinner.

C (text): We're fine.  Went to Two Fools again.

C (text):  Hey, do you think you could go to Costco for me and buy some ribs?

C (text):  If you can, I can tell you exactly what to get.

C (text):  If not, no biggie.

R (text):  I can.  Tell me what you want.  How's our account?

C (text): Our account is ok.

R (text):  What does that mean?  Buy ribs with tunnel vision or there's wiggle room to get some (granola) bars or something?

C (text):  St. Louis ribs.  Over 25 dollars.  Good fat marbling throughout.  There's three in a pack.  Look for one where they all seem relatively the same size and the overall pack is pretty thick.

C (text):  Some wiggle room.  Keep it under 100.

R (text):  Ok and good instructions too...just one pack?

C (text): Maybe get two.

R (text):  ok

R (text):  Oh my word, Z went to dinner and now we're at Costco with his shorts inside out.

R (text): Embarrassing!  He's 10!

C (text):  In years, yes.

R (text):  Ok they are pretty picked over...only 3 over $25 and only one meets the other rqmts you listed.  But I have a 2nd choice since you wanted 2.

C (text):  Ok

C (text):  You can ask too if you feel like going to the trouble.

C (text):  They probably have more.

C (text):  Either way, I trust your judgement.

R (text):  No one in the dept.

R (text):  Okie dokie... I wouldn't... I let my 10 y/o out of the house with inside out shorts.

C (text):  Ok.  Whatever you think is best.  Pork don't need pants.

R (text):  I hope not!

R (text):  See shouldn't have trusted me... I miscalculated and spent 114 :-/ aack.

C (text):  It's ok.

C (text):  14 Pork Acquisition Fee.

C (text):  14 dollar, I mean.

R (text):  Mostly stuff we needed... just a book I wanted but we probably didn't need that put us over.  I didn't count on Z asking for fruit medley or me saying yes to it.

R (text):  Book and fruit med were about the same price.

C (text):  Let's just blame Z.

R (text):  Sure... he confused me with all his outward seams and pockets.

C (text):  14 dollar Pants Bewilderment Surcharge.

R (text):  :-D  Indeed.


So you know, we have conversations.  A lot of them go kind of like this.  Don't you feel like you "get us" better now?

This is a working marriage in action folks.  Keep the love alive.  Technology could be the secret to your relationship success!


  1. You crack me up! And Z? What's up with him?

  2. Well, he's Z... what can we say?! Ha!