Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hard Work & Challenges

I will tell you that SOM is absolutely kicking S's butt right now.  She has got so much homework from there added on top of what I assign her towards finishing up high school homeschooling requirements ... crazy.

But I have never seen her work as hard as she has since starting at SOM.  She is blowing me away with her dedication.  This morning she came to me to say goodbye before her dad took her to school  and I checked if she'd finished up her homework (oh yeah, we had to switch the whole driving plan around because it turns out my sister can't get her there till just when class starts and they mark her tardy for being on time -- and she misses out on the prayer group before class, so now C takes her when he drives in to work).

She said, "Yeah, I was up till nearly 11pm getting it done, but it's done.  But with my alarm ringing at 5:30 ... I don't feel like I got much sleep."

I said, "Yeah, that'll happen!  But good job getting it done."

I was in bed by 9:30 myself.  I didn't mention that bit to her.  I'm sure she realizes.

Anyway, I'm actually blogging this post not only to brag on our teen daughter who makes me so proud, but to ask for prayers for her and all her classmates.  They need some warriors of prayer out there in their defense!

Her classmates have been facing many challenges in the last couple weeks.  Some of it's simple stuff like S's flip-flop breaking when she arrived at school today and having to go barefoot the rest of the day.  Other stuff are normal challenges like illness, bad weather on the drive to school and enormous levels of homework. 

But then there have been some crazy things happening like one student's car being broken into at the Saturday night church service and all of her school books, plus her ID and debit card, were stolen.  So now she has to replace all her books, her work, her ID, her debit card and her car window ... while somehow maintaining the level of work required to stay in the classes.  I feel overwhelmed for her!

There was also some kind of event that occurred yesterday at the school that involved a student and the cops.  S said the student isn't allowed to speak about it, so I have no clue what happened.  Clearly though, it was yet another challenge!

Definitely, I think someone is annoyed that this group of 32 students is dedicating every day to the study of God's Word and so he's going to crazy lengths to distract them from doing what they need to do.  I don't see him giving up the fight ... and neither will we. 

Thanks in advance for any prayers lifted up on behalf of S and the other students and teachers of the School of Ministry this year.  Let nothing distract them from their purpose.  God has big plans for each graduate.


  1. I am praying for them. I hope that some problems have already been resolved since I'm reading this a week late.

  2. Thank you, Mom. I guess one of her classmates has already dropped out because it is so much pressure.

    S had another frustrating moment last night when she tossed her school bag (actually one of our suitcases on wheels) into the back of her dad's truck when he picked her up. Then they went to get a car wash -- forgetting the bag was back there. You guessed it ... she and C spent hours ironing and blow-drying pages, copying work she'd done onto fresh new pages to hand in and sorting through every soaking wet book to see what would need to be replaced. Ug.