Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goal Update

It's been a couple weeks (or more?) since I did a goal update, so I thought I should take another look at how things are going on that.

Less Yelling.
I have good days.  I have not so good days.  I still haven't figured out a good measurement system for this goal.  So I don't know.

Get Organized.
The notebook on my desk system worked for a few days till I stopped going to my desk to write stuff down and started trying to remember it all again.  My therapist has given me the weekly goal of carrying the notebook with me everywhere.  I have been working on that since last night.  But as I type this, my notebook is not nearby and I'm not really sure where it is at the moment.  So that's not a very good start.
Otherwise, I continue to be getting organized where school is concerned, but all the rest of my life is a hodgepodge of organizational systems.

Me Time.
If walks with my husband in the evening count, I've done that two times now.  Otherwise it's still basically whatever time I can squeeze in around personal appointments.

Hmm.  I'm not feeling great about how meeting these goals has been going.  But they are not forgotten.  I just need to get more focused and adjust life a bit since it seems to be adjusting on its own this time of year.  Maybe this is just a transitional slump.

Let's hope.


Just a little window into my soul here for you...

Last night I dreamed that our dog, Nova, died.  I cried and cried when C told me (in my dream).  Nova is a good dog and I would be sad to lose her, but truthfully, that's not why I was crying.

I was crying in my dream because I knew that we had to tell the kids, I knew that we'd need to find a burial spot in our yard, I knew I'd probably want to do a photo project for the kids to have as they dealt with their grief, I knew we'd need to discuss the pet situation going forward ... I was project planning! And it all felt so overwhelming.

It was a relief to wake from my dream and hear her little snores at the foot of our bed.  Phew.

I'm not ready to lose her yet.  Because we'd miss her so much and also because I don't have room on my plate right now.  I'm glad the Lord knows that.


  1. I'm glad Nova's still around, too! The other day I dreamed Sheridan died, but Mom didn't get around to mentioning it to me until it was just in passing a few days later.

  2. That WAS just a dream Jessica had. Sheridan is still plugging along. Poor thing cannot see well, hears but doesn't know from what direction the sound came from and seems to have dimentia. She is 14-1/2 years old. I would definitely miss her.

  3. Poor Sheridan. :( She's so sweet.