Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Bedroom

Okay, my sister challenged her readers to show pictures of their bedroom.  I would be sad to show you a picture of how it looks today.  However, here is a sad picture of it the day I cleaned it up and got new bedding for C's birthday. I took this with my cell phone to show a couple people the new bedding -- so it doesn't really show our room at all.  But you can see the unmatched valances! Bonus!

(His only request was that I clean our room and give him his own hamper so he doesn't have to walk to the other side of the room with his dirty clothes.  I got new bedding, new lampshades, forgot about our window valances that match our old bedding, new hamper and I cleaned the bedroom, bathroom and closet -- all with the kids' help.  He was shocked and amazed that we got it done all while he was at work.)

P.S. Sorry, I know this is a lot of posts in one day.  I don't mean to overwhelm you all.  But please read all the posts very thoroughly -- or else!  Just kidding.  Most of you probably won't even get down to this P.S.  As for the rest of you, thanks for sticking through it!


  1. Wow, that's fun! I don't know if I remember that you did that for his birthday! Cool! It looks like cute bedding.

    I haven't even checked my reader so I haven't seen how much you've posted.

  2. I knew about that! What a great idea and fun family project. Just the gift C wanted. Good job!