Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday's Musings

They say we learn something new every day.  If this is true, then I'm stockpiled for weeks with what I learned yesterday!  It was a crazy day and here's what I learned...

... that we're all going to need to start going to bed earlier because summer is coming to a close and our mornings are starting pretty early these days.

... that coyotes frequent the area behind L's school (we saw one as we pulled up!).

... that hot air balloons sometimes land in middle school sports fields on school days.

... that the hour between dropping off L and K at school and bringing N to her school is just enough time to finish feeding E her breakfast and to eat my own.

... that I have to park really far away from N's school when every other person is dropping a child off in the morning.

... that a one-year-old feels like a hundred pounds after carrying her long distances.

... that I needed an umbrella stroller for E.

... that what my sister said was "go into the school and turn left," actually translated to "go into the school, walk clear to the back, passing like three hallways, turn left, pass the second grade and first grade lineup sections and then find the kindergarten lines."

... that Ms. Valdez of second grade (line #8) fits the same physical description as Ms. Garcia of kindergarten (line #8).

... that N is taller than all the second graders at her school.

... that N didn't want to learn and just wanted to go back to her old preschool.

... that N has an incredible grip.

... that N is supposed to line up alphabetically every morning.

... that a lot of other kindergartners have a difficult time on day one (unlike the 2nd graders who have been through this first day thing a number of times).

... that saying goodbye while my niece is sobbing uncontrollably and reaching out for me all the way into her classroom breaks my heart.

... that for one more reason, I'm glad we homeschool.

... that E is not very patient being held in weakening arms for a long walk back to our car.

... that Z needs to remember to close his car door when we have a long walk from the car to the school.

... that J is very forgiving when I say I'm coming to pick her up from home and have her waiting outside for me when I forget to go there before heading to the store.

... that Babies R Us needed to repave their entire parking lot precisely when we needed to go to that store.

... that alternate parking for Babies R Us seems especially far after a long, emotional walk carrying a one-year-old.

... that Babies R Us opens at 10:00am and not at 9:30am.

... that Barnes and Noble is a good waiting room and opens before Babies R Us.

... that Z can be really helpful with E in a store.

... that sometimes other people's kids aren't careful at the train table when a one-year-old is around.

... that when a one-year-old gets her fingers smashed and she's screaming, the kids' area in Barnes and Noble is a long way from the front door.

... that Babies R Us decided to move the umbrella stroller display suddenly and inexplicably.

... that umbrella strollers are around $30.00 new if they include a sunshade, pretty much anywhere you shop.

... that E really likes Annie's Cheddar Bunnies.

... that Cheddar Bunnies and an umbrella stroller provide just enough distraction for me to return to Barnes and Noble to make my purchases.

... that Z gets really hungry in the time it takes to drop off all the kids, buy a stroller and some buy some books.

... that H is really helpful in taking care of his siblings at home while I'm out running errands.

... that after a crazy morning, Z has a good memory about dentist appointments that start in twenty minutes.

... that if Z is really hungry, there is no rushing him through a snack to hurry and brush his teeth for the dental appointment I nearly forgot a second time (this one was already a reschedule because I forgot it last Thursday).

... that all this running around is no good for baby naps.

... that E loves aquariums and dental waiting rooms.

... that J can be super helpful in entertaining a tired baby in a dental waiting room.

... that our insurance only covers two exams per year and that S's extra exam this month (of her sensitive teeth) had to be paid out of pocket.  Ug.

... that the School of Ministry does not have a microwave for public use.

... that S is not open to eating leftover dinner cold the next day.

... that in a day of running around, one more trip to pick up S from school when that wasn't the plan isn't that big a deal.

... that I still love Chick-FilA no matter the day or circumstance (this was more of a reminder).

... that time to pick up nieces from school comes really quickly when we're not home most of the day.

... that S loves to talk about her new school and every detail from her lecture and participation in class.

... that sitting on the patio at Village Pizza enjoying dinner with our family in the cool evenings is a great way to spend the evening after a busy day.

... that my husband is willing to take an evening walk with me, if I ask.

... that 20 minutes goes kind of slow when walking -- especially when our goal is 45.

... that walking in our neighborhood as the sun sets with my husband feels pretty good.

... that I sleep better after a full and productive day that includes a bit of exercise.

What have you learned today?


  1. Aw :( I feel bad for N! Please say she was happier when she got picked up! Otherwise I'll feel all sad for her.

  2. Yes, she was extremely happy because she already made a new "best friend," but can't remember her name. And today's drop off went very well.

    Also, L did not have to give a science presentation, so her prayers were answered.

  3. Hahaha.. kids! She doesn't even know her best friend's name. :D

    Nice for L!

  4. A sighhhhhhh of relief for that day you handled so well. All-in-all it seems your children were very helpful. I hope you did sleep well.

    I love you, Mom

    PS I probably forget more than I learn each day :/