Saturday, August 4, 2012


It's my favorite holiday of the year (besides Christmas Eve):  Teacher Appreciation Day at Staples!

Once a year, just before school starts back up (well, like a month before for us ... but less than two weeks for the public school kids), Staples hosts an appreciation celebration for teachers.  Yes, that includes homeschool teachers, too.

I love Staples any time of year.  However, I look forward to and plan my whole calendar around Teacher Appreciation Day.  (You have to imagine and insert the dreamy look on my face here while I think about this fabulous holiday.  YES! It is a holiday.  It is for me, anyway.)

Yes, I scanned my free tote bag.

It's not even that big of a deal really ... it's just something that is mine and my family respects that it's my special day to get up early and get in line outside Staples so I can get my free bag of Staples goodies and a cookie and just browse aisles and aisles of office heaven.  Love.

Plus, here in New Mexico, this holiday always falls on our annual "sales tax free" weekend, so it's extra bang for my buck.

This year's freebie bag contents: one spiral notebook (mine is yellow), one highlighter (mine is purple), one pad of Post-it Notes (always useful), one pack of index cards (mm-hmm, yes), the cutest ever colorful metallic mini-binder clips (love!), and a one day only $10.00 off a $50.00 purchase coupon -- which I used today while I was there to stock up our school room. 

And we were getting bare, too!  I could tell we well-used what I got for us last year.  Plus, my nieces are always needing replacements throughout the year so they know I keep a stockpile and they come raid us for new folders and stuff all the time.

Some years' freebies are better and other years not so much ... I'd say this year was pretty average.

I discovered Teacher Appreciation Day by accident my first year as a homeschool teacher.  I happened to go to Staples that day and they asked if I was there for that event.  I looked puzzled, I guess, and they asked if I was a teacher.  I said, "Well, actually, yes ... I'm homeschooling my daughter."  And they signed me up for Teacher's Rewards* (I was already a regular Rewards Member - but the Teacher's Rewards are better) and I've been going to Staples every year on this sacred day to celebrate my role!

So if you are or know of any teachers (but only teachers who like to feel appreciated and get stuff for free), tell them about this special holiday.  It's pretty much nationwide and if you click this link, you can look up the date for your local celebration.

My best purchase deals today were two packs of colored paper clips for one cent each (limit 2) and ten folders for one cent each (limit 10).  Later at WalMart I found spiral notebooks for 17 cents each.  Love a good deal ... especially on office or school supplies!

P.S. Office Max does a Teacher Appreciation Day, too, but it's not as easy to figure out, nor is it as well organized.  But I have been to several of those as well.  But Staples is my priority!  They rock.


*This is really the only "catch," but the Rewards card is free and useful if you like to shop at Staples like I do.  I recycle our printer ink there and get cash back for it, plus special offers on office supplies all year long.  I think Staples requires some kind of proof that you are a teacher to get the Rewards card -- if your state does not require notification to homeschool, I imagine Staples might make an exception.  Everywhere we've lived, we had something official documenting our status as a homeschool family that I was able to provide as evidence.

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  1. That is a cool story and a good holiday for you!