Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Journal: Prompt 5

This weekend's prompt is inspired by a human interest story I read about a mom who saved all the little trinkets that came through the laundry in kids' pockets and stuff and then eventually gave them all to her son as a wedding gift.  Check out the cute story for yourself here.

How creative is that?!

Not nearly as creative, I just stick all those things in what my kids call the "lost and found drawer" in the laundry room.  From time to time, they check in the drawer and take what belongs to them.  We've had everything in that drawer from crayons to toy cars to Barbie shoes to Legos to rocks to Chapstick and beyond.  Pretty much anything pocket-sized that kids might pick up and forget about. Of course there has been lots and lots of change in pockets, too, and that gets added to our family's change jar.

So the prompt today is to journal about a "lost and found" moment in your life.  It could be something simple you lost and are still looking for or something of importance that you rejoiced at finding -- or anything in between.

I hope you'll share a link to your journal page or at least leave a comment here to share a brief version of your story.

Here's my journal page...


  1. That's such a nice little story about the mom and the pocket stuff. :)

    You should probably just break down and buy another filter. ;)

    Years ago, I lost my first pair of glasses. They weren't cheap, so it was a big loss and not something I could replace easily. I looked EVERYWHERE, multiple times, but never found them. I had moved when they went missing, so I have assumed I accidentally threw them away.

  2. Yeah, I think C will probably get me a new one eventually. But we only think of it when we're otherwise busy ... or asleep.

    I'm sorry about your glasses!! That would not be fun. I know how expensive they can be since two of our boys are in glasses -- and they're hard on them. But they lose them, too. Z lost a pair in our backyard grass about a month ago. We found them and then the very next day at the park, the kid set them in the grass while he went to play something that he thought he didn't need glasses for. What was he thinking?! Fortunately, I saw him set them down there and I called him out about it right away.

    Our saying is always, "On your face or in your case." But they don't always listen.

  3. Haha.. nice saying. :) Yeah that's crazy that Z would do that. I don't understand kids sometimes! Or adults.

  4. Well, I shouldn't say "our" saying ... really it was the saying taught to us by our eyeglass technician. But it is memorable!

  5. I think it was 2008: I rode my scooter to the grocery store after work (about 5:30 pm Friday) then rode home. When I got home I realized I'd lost one of my diamond earrings. I rode back to the grocery store and checked the area where I had parked, thinking I must have lost it when I took off my helmet.
    I, then, rode back to work and checked the area where I parked.
    No luck. I was, mostly, sad because your dad gave me the pair of earrings. I prayed that I would find the earring. I told your dad.

    On the third day, Sunday morning, I came home from church, your dad was washing the boat on the driveway. (He had gone to early service with me, I just sang in choir for the other 2 services.) I glanced down at the soapy water washing down the driveway happened to see the little diamond stud in the grout line. I could hardly believe it! It was a miracle.

    It's okay to pray when you loose something. :)

  6. I think you told me that story, Mom, but it's a good one. Definitely a miracle!!