Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bread & Healing

I heard this quote on K-LOVE yesterday and I really like it:

"The Bible is bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions."


And the update on J's finger, is that the doctor said it's not infected (yay) and that its gross appearance is all part of the natural healing process (gross).  But just to be sure, he's having us get it x-rayed today to make sure there isn't a broken bone in the tip because it did get mashed pretty good (awesome).


Update on the update -- took J to get her x-rays today and the doctor called this evening to confirm that there is no fracture.  We were pretty sure there wasn't one, but it's good to be safe and not sorry.  I'll keep trying to focus on that part when yet another medical bill arrives from radiology.



  1. Poor J!! Tell her I'm feeling sorry for her!

  2. I hope she's better now! She will probably lose her fingernail
    if she hasn't already. :(