Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Six-List: Six Beautiful Things About Me

No, I didn't write this myself.  This is a guest-post from our daughter, S.


My mom told me that she was writing a blog post about six weird things about herself.  I suggested she write about the beautiful things about her.  She told me then it's considered bragging and not as fun.  It's not bragging if I wrote six things about her that I consider beautiful things about her ... and I'm sure you'll agree, too!

6) How she loves arts and crafts.

5) The way she writes with love.

4) How she is always up for an adventure.

3) The way she treats our family - especially my dad.

2) How she takes the time to find out what's wrong with someone when something's not right.

1) She may not be a perfect person or have a Barbie figure; she doesn't focus on looks because it doesn't matter to her.  What matters to her is what's on the inside and not on the outside.

Mom, You're beautiful in so many ways I could go on forever...but six is your favorite number, so I listed six most beautiful things about you.  I love you, Mom.


Thank you, S. 

You are beautiful inside AND out.  And I love you back.



  1. Very sweet and observant, S. Thank you for reminding Mama how beautiful she is.

    Love, Namma