Saturday, July 28, 2012

Desiah Concert

Our church hosted the group Desiah out of Southern California for a concert this evening that we attended.  I wanted to post a few pictures here and spread the word about this group in case you haven't heard about them or to let you know that if they are coming to a venue near you (they're on tour right now), you might want to check them out.

Desiah is a group of teenagers from a performing arts school in Hollywood set up to help teens pursue their dreams of acting and singing, etc. (performing arts), in a more positive environment.  The concert tonight was a benefit concert to raise money for Friends Feeding Friends.

The group shows a lot of talent, even from some of their youngest members.  As a mother, I love seeing teens doing something really positive in the world and I enjoy introducing these kinds of people to our children so they can see that there are so many possibilities for them to do what they dream and to do it in a God-pleasing way.  So we were happy to have all five our kids there at the concert this evening.

Of their set this evening, my favorite song was "I Hope You Dance," but my favorite that they performed was, "The Star Spangled Banner."  I'm posting a video*, though, of a song they performed at the House of Blues in Las Vegas on Mother's Day, that seemed appropriate for this blog, called "A Song for Mama."  A couple of the members were changed up in this video from who we saw this evening, but photos from the concert tonight are posted below the video.


And photos from this evening...

They apparently have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but since I don't have those, you can search for them there yourself (or take links on their page).  But if you get a chance to see them perform, I encourage you to show them your support.  They are great kids (I talked to them briefly after the show) with good hearts and blossoming talent!


*If you search for Desiah on, you can watch many other Desiah videos from other performances.

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