Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good News

Today, S and I cleaned out the fridge and freezer -- scrubbed every shelf and drawer, checked every expiration date and tossed things accordingly, and cleaned jars that had gotten a bit sticky or whatever.  It felt good to cross another thing off my list from yesterday -- the one that swirls in my head nonstop. 

Joy found today in our clean fridge and a job complete!  Next stop ... the grocery store.  You can see we're out of a lot of basics here!

I also went to the grocery store with several kids in tow (who were all really well behaved!) and got stuff for the week.  That also feels nice to have stuff that's easy to make so I can stop resorting to value menus at the local fast food drive-thrus.  It's a really bad habit and I don't like when I get into that cycle.

Other good news is that I have a plan for what to do with stuff I need to get rid of around our house.  I said, "Yes," to one more thing ... but I think it'll be okay.  We're throwing together a yard sale this weekend.  It'll motivate me to get that loft done and maybe some other areas of the house.  We've had too much extra stuff around here for a while and I'm looking forward to ridding ourselves of some of it.

If we make a few bucks in the process, yeehaw.  Bonus!  Maybe we can use that extra income towards completing something else on the list -- Cliff's maybe?  I don't know.  I guess it depends on how much we bring in.

My sister has some stuff to sell, too, so she's going to help us with the sale.  It's been forever since we've held one, but not for her -- I'm glad to have her help.  She said she used to do two sales a year at least.  We'll need her experience.

Okay, time to make use of E's nap time here to start pulling some stuff for the sale.