Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lavender Festival

After C fixed the pipe in our sprinkler system (successfully on the first try!), we headed over to the Lavender Festival, like I'd hoped.  It was a good time -- but H.O.T. -- and middle of the day, so my photo ops weren't so great.  But I'll share a few with you here anyway.  C ended up sunburned, but the rest of us seemed okay.  Good times.

C loves when I take pictures of him doing complicated jobs that require a lot of concentration.  He loves even more if while I'm taking pictures of him, I start talking and laughing about a new blog I found that has nothing to do with him.  Loves it.

Fancy sign.

A beautiful, but very hot day.  Like, walking in an oven hot.  We only stayed an hour.

A happy discovery!  I got to talk to the lady there and I'll be calling her later to buy some caterpillars from her!  Our pursuit of them is almost complete.  I think she'll sell me Painted Lady caterpillars, she said.

There was a petting zoo.  Ironically, it was farm animals from the farm where S volunteers, so we're like old friends with these animals now.   And for some reason, we were still willing to stand in line for the kids to go in.

Unser Racing Museum had a display there and the kids got to sit in the car and stuff.  The boys loved this display.  O asked how fast the car can go (over 200mph) and Z asked how much the car cost ($700,000).

I loved the bold colors on these textiles (I'd call them towels, but the sign said "textiles").  There were a lot of booths promoting their local businesses -- especially local artisan shops.

About five antique shops from the local area had displays at an indoor pavilion -- we visited them for a little bit because it was a bit cooler in there.  This was one antique framed print I thought was cute.

Obviously, there were lots of displays of lavender around the whole place.  And people displaying and demonstrating its different functions -- in soaps, as a scent for perfumes and such and even in foods!  I had no idea it was so versatile.

Who needs a souvenir water bottle?  We'll just take the free water, thanks.  Daddy made sure no one's lips touched the spigots ... so we're all good. :)

Ta-da!  (I didn't know how to caption this one ... but felt weird leaving it as the only picture without a caption).


  1. How fun that Wings of Enchantment was there!! After I had found them online the other day. So fortuitous. :) Painted Ladies are the same as the ones your coupon would get (and the same as the ones I did), so that sounds good. :) They're less expensive.

  2. I love lavender! Looks like a nice time. Sorry it was so hot.

  3. That's cool! The Lavender Festival looks like a fun place to go. Great that you were able to locate the caterpillars, too. Painted Ladies are pretty.

  4. Brenda - your comment went in my spam folder! But I found it. Sorry it got here so late ...