Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend Journal: Prompt 1

I decided that I'd start giving some weekend journal prompts (since I can't commit to every day, nor would most of you want me to).  I can't say I'll be able to do every weekend, nor can I say how long I can keep this up.  However, for now, if you want to play along, use these prompts in your own journaling to spark your creativity.

Feel free to journal using any medium -- arts, crafts, illustrations, writing, photos, by hand, digitally, even a simple blog post -- do what comes naturally for you.  If you would like to share your Weekend Journal entries with others who are using these prompts, feel free to put a link to where you've posted it in my Comments section.

Mama Flock has always yearned to be about connecting with others and maybe this is one way we can do this better.  We'll see!

Anyway, onto the prompt...

I just finished reading Erma Bombeck's A Marriage Made In Heaven or Too Tired for An Affair.  I was inspired for this prompt by a passage in the last chapter.

She writes, "There's a book in every marriage.  I wondered what kind would be written about the wedding I had witnessed tonight.  Would it be filled with mystery? Romance? Science fiction? Intrigue? Humor? Would it be a boring tome? Warm and wonderful? So exciting that you couldn't put it down? Or a classic that would be read by generations to come? Would it be a short volume? Or a long one?"

My journal prompt asks a similar question:  If you could describe your own life as a type of book, what category would it fall into?  Journal about that.


Here is the journal page I created...

I used a combo of Microsoft Excel (love) and my awesome drawing skills! Ha.  But seriously, when I think of the kinds of books out there, our life is most like a comic book because everything is frame-by-frame, something going on in every area of the house, sometimes humorous, sometimes action-filled, sometimes dramatic, and sometimes ironic.  Each new day is another issue in the sequence.  Every issue is a collector's item in my mind.  And every issue relies on a Superhero to come and save the day: Jesus Christ. 


  1. I'm glad you're doing journal topics! I will try to do some once I finish this 30-day one. But in the meantime, I'll be sure to advertise yours. You should get a little graphic thing that people can paste in their blogs. :)

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I don't know how to do that stuff. Care to lend a hand? :)

  3. Possibly! (Sorry, I forget to subscribe to comments and don't always see them right away.) Let me try to work something up. What should it say?

  4. I have no idea! What SHOULD it say?! Suggestions, anyone?

  5. R, I love your artwork in your comic book. You have got to be kidding when you say you can't draw. I particularly enjoyed the bowl of fruit on the counter as a child (H?) is looking for something to eat! :)

  6. Ha, Mom. I can draw. I can't draw well. :)But, I'm glad you enjoyed it.