Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Journal: Prompt 4

I've written recently a lot about what's swirling in my head and feeling overwhelmed by it.  On the side, I've had several people reminding me that I don't need to take all of that stuff on.  It's true, I don't. 

I do enjoy doing a lot of things because it makes life more interesting.  However, I agree, that in order to help keep things in perspective, it's important to say NO sometimes when opportunities come up.

So this concept of saying NO and not overloading my plate with too much excess stuff to take on is what inspired this week's Weekend Journal Prompt.

If you're following along -- or just starting today! -- journal a page in whatever style you'd like about something or some things that you are going to decline.  It's not about being rude or saying that these endeavors aren't worthwhile -- it's about setting priorities so you can be the best Mama (or human being) you can be to those around you can't say no to.

Here is my journal page for the day:

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  1. Good for you, good for everyone to set some limits!

    Love, Mom