Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And Again God Provides...

I find it amazing what God can do when I just move out of His way and stop worrying so much, you know?

There have been so many things going on behind the scenes of Mama Flock that I don't blog about with regard to some extended family things going on that aren't really my story to share here.  But trust me when I tell you that life is a lot more complicated than what my blog could portray anyway.  So I just say nothing about all that stuff here (or not much) and pray a lot because I know God understands even the complicated parts.

We have done what we can to provide support, prayers and encouragement for these situations and God has been with us the whole way.  What we have is His, so it seems like He'd want us to share.  That goes for time, finances, energy, etc.  We have nothing without Him.

But I mentioned recently the job stuff going on with C.  Beyond that, our "emergency" credit card was getting out of hand because of health and vehicle trouble, along with everyday expenses and the increased cost of helping family.  We just felt like we didn't have a lot of choice there but to charge the extras. 

Resorting to credit is not something we like to do since we royally messed up our credit early in marriage and have worked for years (well, C did most of the work actually) straightening things out and doing our best to live debt free, not counting our mortgages.  Yes, even all three of our vehicles are paid off.  But times were tough and like a lot of Americans, we dipped into credit card use rather than not paying a bill because we'd spent too much at the mechanic's or whatever.

After several months, though, what started as an emergency fund to stay current on bills became our go-to card.  Every time I would slide that one out from behind my debit card, I'd feel a knot in my stomach.  Especially when I was spending it on frivolous stuff.  One more lunch at Taco Bell or whatever. 

Finally, C and I decided enough was enough and we took a low-interest loan and paid off the credit card, which was much higher interest.  And we're back to just using the debit card and belt-tightening as needed.  Still carrying debt, but with a plan for pay off in a reasonable amount of time.

A couple days ago, C found out that he has secured a new "Consultant" position at his company and will make the switch on July 20, before any layoff is in full effect.  Yeehaw!  This is incredibly good news.

Then yesterday, he learned that he's, in fact, getting a merit increase this year.  This month.  How can someone get laid off one minute and then a merit increase the next?  It's totally wacky if you ask me!  But, I'll take it!

But anyway, he did some math today and I got this random text from him midday about how his increase is enough to cover the whole monthly payment on the loan.  He ended the text with the phrase: "God provides!"

So, what a relief.  Not only is C's job situation figured out (dates and all), but God used the opportunity to solve the financial issue that was created in part by trying to do what we hoped would honor Him in the first place.

This post is not meant to provide my readers with any kind of financial advice.  Certainly the moral of the story isn't, "Go ahead, use credit, God will cover you!"  Really, this is just a glimpse into something our family has been dealing with and how our faith has carried us through the hard times and blessed us in the good ones -- again.  God rocks.  And I like letting people know that.

Thank you again for all of you who have been praying about C's job situation.  The Lord listened.


  1. Oh!!! I'm so glad that the job situation has been resolved. The fact that C received a merit increase to cover your loan payment is definitely no coincidence. Whoa! It gives me chills. (Even though the temp is 102F. :) )