Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Day at the Beach

We're getting more and more into our rainy season here in the high desert of New Mexico, so pretty much every day we're seeing afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  It actually feels a bit early this year, but be that as it may ... it's here.

In fact, here's a glimpse at the forecast for the next five days if you don't believe me:

Anyway, the first part of each day is pretty extraordinary weather-wise.  The rains in the evening cool off the morning a bit more than they were in June (there's just nothing like waking up and it's already 80 or 85 degrees outside).  But the skies are blue and the winds are calm, so it's a perfect day to do something outside.

So this morning, I felt ambitious and took the nine kids to the beach again.  Other than one lost swimming face mask, the rest of the trip was successful.  Here is a handful of pictures...

The beach.

J's shoes.

RIP Z's face mask.  Maybe you'll bring someone joy one day when they find you at the bottom of the lake.

E was fascinated with the sand today.  I couldn't keep her out of it!  She wasn't eating it (much), she mostly just liked feeling it and picking up tiny pebbles.  Baby hands are so cute.

This was K's pet for the day.  She called it Mrs. Log.  She found it like this with the fishing line and dragged it all over the beach.  Eventually, Z found a bigger piece of driftwood and named it Mr. Woo-Woo.  The two lonely logs married soon after and had baby logs to entertain the younger kids.  It was an eventful day for wood on the beach.

This was my pet for the day.  It clung to my shirt for a good ten minutes, no matter how much I tried to shake it off.  Did I mention I'm allergic to certain bees?  Not sure if this is one of them.