Monday, July 2, 2012


I took both S and J to the doctor today.  They'd both had pretty bad congestion for a few days, fevers since yesterday and today, S was so dizzy, I had to get a wheelchair in the lobby just to walk her back to the waiting area -- and before that, we'd barely made it from the house to the car.

The news was good and bad.  It's just a virus.  I'm glad it's nothing serious, but it's a little annoying when it's a virus since there is nothing to do for the symptoms really, but to wait them out.

I'm assuming it's the same virus, but who knows.  J has really bad laryngitis and can't speak above a whisper, while S's dizziness translates down to numbness in her fingertips and weird judgement about how much space is around her.  Other than that, they pretty much share the symptoms.

One interesting thing to me was that while J has felt like she was burning up for two days now, S felt mild to the touch.  But at the doctor's office, they both had exactly the same temperature: 101.8.

So not much to tell here.  Just another update on our continuing health saga this year.  I don't get it!  We have never spent as much time in various doctor's offices and hospitals as we have this year.  Can't wait to discover God's plan in all of this.


  1. I just can't believe all the sicknesses that have gone around in your and D's family. Well, you all should be building ammunity for the next go round.

    Love and prayers, Mom/Namma