Saturday, July 14, 2012

And If You're Not Too Busy Journaling...

... go check out this other Mom blog that I found while trying to remember the name of a stinky flower.  I have been reading this for at least ten minutes and I'm dying here with laughter.  I love this lady and her attitude about motherhood.  So I'm giving her a free link on my blog here -- not that she needs it -- but in case you've never read her blog and you happen by my little blog, you should go there.  She's funnier than me. 

Meanwhile, we'll be heading over to the Lavender Festival as soon as C is done fixing the hairline fracture in our front lawn's sprinkler system.  It was found when J stepped into a big ol' hole in the grass on her way to my truck while heading to dance class this morning.  That's exactly when you want to fall in a hole, right?  On your way to dance class?

But she's okay.  Dance went fine.  Our yard?  Not so much.  Yet.

But C will make it better.  I just know it!

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  1. I checked it out! That is pretty freaky about the scorpian! Yikes!!!