Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hand Signals

After pulling into a parking lot earlier today and coming to a complete stop well behind someone who chose that moment to back out of a space in a haphazard way -- lurching back only to slam on his Camaro's brakes so he didn't back into my truck -- and then putting up a hand signal to tell me that I'm #1 (though, some might call it 'the bird'), I took some time to reflect on that moment later in the day.

You know what I realized?  I don't have a good hand signal to reply back in a Christlike way.  I don't know that one exists.

Think about it.  There are hand signals for "I love you," "Peace," "Rock on," "Hang loose," "You're #1," and the less friendly version of "You're #1," as mentioned above.  There are hand signals for "Loser," "Whatever," "Do you want a knuckle sandwich?" and "Thumbs up!"

What's my hand signal for "Jesus loves you (anyway)"?

I really need to figure that one out and practice using it in reply to less favorable hand signals.  Otherwise, I'm left looking like the real jerk ... not responding to someone who so clearly would like to start up communication with me.



  1. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words even if you think it makes you look like a jerk. Smile and move on. (I know it's hard.)

    Love, Mom

  2. You are such a good peacemaker, Mom. I love you for that and so many other good examples you are to me.