Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crafty 4th

I'm not sure if I'll get around to posting tomorrow or not, so I thought I'd make my Fourth of July post tonight, on the third, so I don't forget to wish you all a:

Happy Independence Day!!

We did it!  We got around to making shirts for the kids for tomorrow.  I won't show all of them to you because I didn't take pictures of all of them and I'm too lazy to go around to the various flat surfaces where they are drying now to photograph them.   I hope to get some other pictures of the shirts being worn tomorrow.  But here are some highlights for you:

This one was made by N.  She had just the stars on the left there and I thought she was done.  It looked very stylish with stars just one the one side.  But then she added random paint strokes and the chaotic word, "Happy," since her big sisters had that word on their shirts, too, and some fireworks and ... wow.  This shirt is just really ... AHPPY.  That's what I have to say about that. :)  N is so cute.

This one was made by K.  She gets a vote from me for best use of the glow-in-the-dark "white" paint I had.  We'll still know the date, even after dark. :)

This is probably a nightshirt or bikini cover-up for E that I made her.  The pack of t-shirts had one more kid-size shirt, so I couldn't resist getting in on the fun myself.  But it won't actually fit her as a shirt for like six more years.  The stars on the blue part aren't showing up as I'd hoped ... but we'll all see them come dark.  I had fun with this even if I did smear some of the paint and later, H got some red paint randomly on the side of it when he was doing his shirt.  Maybe E won't notice.

This is S's shirt.  Our future Air Force recruit.  I admire her spirit!

And bonus, S made us a patriotic Funfetti cake, decorated with sprinkle fireworks to enjoy after finishing up the shirts!



  1. So cute! I did see that you had all made T-shirts in your photos of the 4th. You are very energetic. I love the stars around the neckline on E's shirt.