Friday, July 13, 2012

A Second Visit

Our Pomeranian friend was back in our house again!  I missed it again.

This morning, I'd left the back door open for Nova, while I used some spare moments this morning to do some research for the curriculum.  Then, about 20 minutes ago, I went upstairs to my bedroom for two minutes when there was a pounding on my bedroom door.

It was Z.  He was freaking out because, you guessed it, there was a Pomeranian in the house!  He'd come all the way through our gate, through our sliding door (left cracked open) and almost to the kitchen.

"Well, just come on in, why don't you?!"

By the time I got downstairs, he'd left the house again.  I went out front though and there he was...

With me out there, Z was a little less panicked, and he said, "Oh! I know where he lives ... that's Max."

I checked "Max's" tag, which were just verification of rabies shots up to date, but no owner name or number.  He was very friendly.  Clean.  A different hairstyle than my parents' two Pomeranians, so it's kind of funny to me.

So I handed Max over to Z and had him walk him back home again.  Apparently, Max has wanderlust and enjoys trotting around the neighborhood quite regularly.  And on occasion, Mr. Curiosity comes into our homes.

I pray he doesn't find himself in big trouble some day with these tendencies of his!


Update: Z and H walked Max home together.  The owner is an elderly man who can't walk well and he paid the boys $20!! for their bringing Max back.  They were ecstatic!


  1. Haha.. why was Z freaked about a Pomeranian? :P That's funny. It's also just hilarious to find a Pom in the house. And how sweet of that man to give them money! And now they know where to bring Max next time.

    PS I don't think I've ever seen so much leg on a Pomeranian. It's kind of creepy!

  2. I think just like anything random that is in the house that shouldn't be ... it just was a surprise, I guess. So he ran to get me immediately. He's not afraid of Poms, just stranger-Poms suddenly in the house. :)

    Yeah, I wish I'd thought to get a side view picture of Max because he's trimmed like a lion. He's got a mane and a tuft at the end of his tail ... the rest of him is cut short-short. Maybe next time. ;-)

  3. I'm sure the owner keeps him cut close so he doesn't have to comb out the matts. Usually people who have their Poms trimmed just give them a "Teddy Bear" clip. It's funny that Jessica thought the long legs looked "creepy", Dad said the same thing.

    I do hope Max curbs his wanderings; it's been 13 years, now since Sheridan's near fatal incident.