Saturday, July 21, 2012

Post-Post-Sale, For Real

I've been up for too many hours at this point, so I can't believe I'm sitting down to do another blog post.  But here I am.  I couldn't wait to tell you...

Our evening sale went well.  Some people came because of the neighborhood signs and others came because of our post on Craigslist.  We didn't have too many, but apparently evening shoppers -- perhaps the cooler temperatures make for better shopping -- buy more.  So it didn't take too many of them.

A few had dinner, but ultimately, we ended up giving away a lot of meals when people bought a lot.  We figured some community fellowship and food was worth a lot more than the money to cover our costs on it. 

Around 8:00pm, the sun was going down and we were exhausted so we were just about to clean up when a huge family arrived.  They had a bunch of kids and one on the way and God blessed us by having them purchase every bulky, big item we had left out there so we would have far less to pack up for donations tomorrow.  All the stuff C had specifically mentioned to me he hoped sold so that we would not have to deal with it any more!  It was like they heard his specific list and used that for the basis of their shopping.

According to our pricing from early in the day, they bought about $165 worth of stuff and asked us for a package deal.  So I offered it for $100 even because it was just so nice to have them hauling all that away.  Plus, my heart goes out to families with a lot of kids.  It's not easy! or cheap!  So I wanted to give back for their appearance at the sale so late in the day when we'd just about given up.  They took the offer and C followed behind them in his truck with half of their purchases.

All together, we made just over $400 at our sale.  I figure that's not too bad considering how much fun we had and how many household projects that were accomplished at one time in preparation for the sale.  Also, I loved that it brought out the best in attitudes of teamwork among some of the kids.

I want to especially and publicly recognize the efforts of our son, H.  He has spent a lifetime really avoiding work efforts whenever possible.  But I have never seen him work as hard as he has over the past three days.  He was first to volunteer and first to start on jobs I needed done and the last to sit down again at the end.  This was his bright and shiniest moment in all his life so far of positive attitude, awesome efforts and just all-round super helpfulness.  I am so, so proud of him!

(He also made a good show of maturity today when among everything going on, he remembered his Lego Club appointment at the library today.  Last month, I noticed he'd missed it a few days afterwards and he blew up at me for not reminding him.  I said, "Dude, you're 12, you have a calendar ... why don't you keep track of your own social calendar?"  And so, he did.  He listened.  He obeyed.  He applied this life skill.  It wasn't anything major like a job interview or doctor's appointment, but it is the seeds of organization being planted in him and beginning to sprout.  I love it!)

But all together, most all of the kids were very helpful and they'll all be receiving a percentage of the profits as a reward for their labor and sacrifices (to be determined when our brains turn back on after some sleep).

Besides all the sweat and tired, having this yard sale was a lot of fun.  We'll be talking about it for a long time.  A great learning experience for the kids and the adults.  Thanks for following our adventures here.


  1. That's wonderful that those people showed up at the end of the day! I've sworn off garage sales for a while because they are often so exhausting and you don't even sell the things you really needed to.

  2. I'm so glad you had a good sale and that everyone enjoyed it. Let H know that I am proud of him!

    Love, Mom/Namma