Monday, July 16, 2012

Funny Niece

My niece, N, is so funny.  Maybe it's the age (5) or her role in our family -- I don't know, but she says a million funny things a day and I can't keep track of them all.

But today, I am writing three of them down for you all...

When I picked up N and E to bring them to my house this morning to watch them for the day, we'd barely begun driving when N had a big announcement to make.

N: Tia!  Guess what!

me: What?!

N: When we were in our house, E and I sneezed at exactly the same time.

me: Oh ... how funny is that?!

N: I don't know.  (long pause)  How funny is it to you?


Almost to our house...

N: Well, Tia, all E's crunchies are gone.

me: Okay, well, let's throw that can away then so it can stop rolling around the van.

N: Yeah, E was hungry and she ate some.  Now they're all gone.

me: She does like crunchies.

N: Well, she ate some ... but I forgot to tell you that I ate the rest.

me: Ohhhh.  That's nice of E to share, but those are mostly for her because you can eat actual food for snacks and we get those baby foods just for E's snacks.

N: What?!  There are too many for her.  She needs to share or she'll never finish the whole can by herself.  I was just helping her get to the bottom.


And then a little later at our house...

N: Tia, did you remember to buy a big bag of almonds?  (Note: I munch on almonds all the time and she's developed an extreme liking for them lately ... now I can't keep up with either of our demands.)

me: No, I'm a bad, bad Tia.

N: No, you're not!  And I'm going to buy you a present.

me: Oh, really?

N: Yes, a wedding dress, new shoes and a tiara!

me: Who am I marrying?

N: Nobody.  You're going to prom!


Update -- one from this afternoon ...

N suddenly seemed extra cuddly and nestled herself into my side while I was sitting on the floor playing with E.  Then she looked up into my eyes and spoke softly to me.

She said, "Tia, you sure have a big head."

I just lost it in laughter.

She said, "What?  You do have a big head, so why are you laughing about it?!"


  1. Awwww!! More N quotes, please! I love what she says! Feel free to take video, too. :)

  2. She usually blindsides me, so it's difficult to get the camera out in time!

  3. Haha.. nice additional story. Yep, that sounds like N! She loves making observations. :) Please tell her hi and I love her for me!!

  4. Those quotes make me miss N soooo much. While I was watching her, she was always coming up with those funny/remarkable observations (she was only 2 & 3, then). I wish I had written them down.

    Thank you! Love, Mom/Namma