Friday, July 13, 2012


I think I may be influencing my kids in their storytelling.  I mean, the way I beat around the bush in an effort to build a fuller story.  Then I go on and on and it takes me forever to get to the point.

You know what I mean ... you read my blog.

It drives C nuts -- especially when I am telling a story about something bad that happened but has since worked out for good.  He wants me to start at the punchline and then back fill.

I like to build suspense, like he's reading a book or watching a movie in the way I tell it.  But of course, I know the ending before I start telling the story. And this isn't a book or a movie ... it's our real life.  He can't listen to the details if I've started the story with, "Something really bad happened today..." and then I start from the beginning of the day and I meticulously explain the four hours leading up to when one of the kids stepped on a piece of glass or whatever.

I'm learning to say, "Everything was alright in the end, but here's something scary that happened earlier in the day..." and then launch into my story.  He's naturally a problem-solver, so he wants to know if this is just something to hear about my day or if he needs to jump into action RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, C came home from work today and Z rushed to tell him the news of this morning.  Here's how the conversation went ...

Z said, "Guess what, Daddy!"

C said, "What?"

Z said, "I got to hold a Pomeranian today!"

C said, "Oh really?  Wow."

I said, "But Z ... tell him the important parts of the story..."

Z looked puzzled.

I said, "Like, where was this Pomeranian?"

Z said, "It was in our house."

I said, "And what happened when you held the Pomeranian ... yooooou? what?"

Z said, "Well, I started walking.  It was a long way to the house where I needed to bring the dog back.  And at first, we passed the house ... and then I said to H, 'I think we passed the house...' so then we turned around and..."

I said more impatiently, "Get to the part where you brought the dog home!  What did you get?"

Z said, "We got a $20 bill."

C said, "Oh wow!  That's good."

Z said, "And he said he wished he could have paid us more, but that was all he had."

C said, "There's a good answer ... 'I would pay you a million dollars, but all I have is $20.' "

Z said, "And he was so cute!"  (I am pretty sure he was talking about the dog again here.  Not the man.  But maybe.)

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  1. That really was nice that Z and H were rewarded for returning the Pomeranian. There are definitely days when, if Rocky were gone and returned, we might pay to have the kid keep him!