Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Journal: Prompt 6

I'm a little late getting this weekend's journal prompt posted because I was not on the computer much at all yesterday -- instead, I was out and about enjoying the sunshine!

But here we go...

This weekend's journal prompt was inspired by two weird check-out line situations at stores over the past week.  I am notoriously bad at picking which line to stand in when it's time to check out.  But both of these circumstances added a lot of "interest" to my trips to the store, so even though time-wise, it took up a lot of it, the situation was intriguing and worth the wait.  Well, sort of.  But anyway...

This weekend's prompt is to journal about an unusual check-out line experience you've had.  Use whatever method you desire to journal this or at the very least, leave me a comment about your unusual check-out line experience on this post.  If you do a journal page and post it anywhere, please leave a comment with a link so we can see it!

Here's my fine looking artwork (ha!)...

My other tale was about standing in line at WalMart with S behind this person we could not for the life of us tell woman or man... till we saw him from the front.  But it was fun people watching and speculating while there was a whole issue about the person's ID so he could buy wine.  We were thoroughly entertained for a good 15 extra minutes in that line.


  1. Oh your experience is frustrating! Sometimes I hate picking a lane. I can analyze it a bit too much.

    I should draw up the outfit I saw on a chick at Walmart the other day. That was in the checkout line. It might be a little inappropriate for my blog, though! :P But maybe I can link you to the image...haha.

  2. Ha! Do draw it. :) Our unknown gender person carried a normal "mom" purse and a sparkly clutch ... plus his nails were painted and he wore ladies' jeans, so that's why he was really hard to tell. His face and Adam's apple were the giveaways though.

  3. I tried but couldn't do it. Basically, she was wearing the equivalent of a bikini, only it was more like workout gear so it almost seemed more scandalous (hard to explain, but just trust me). She was standing at the checkout for a long time talking to one of the workers, and he acted like all was normal. Her "outfit" made me too uncomfortable to actually wait in line near her--I had to stall and wait until she left. I didn't want to stand there averting my eyes and pretending with the other customers that she was appropriately dressed. :P

  4. An E for effort! But wow. That would be uncomfortable ... you made a good choice to just "stall." I probably would have done the same. Especially if I had the kids with me. :)