Friday, September 28, 2012


Lately, the kids have all been "daddy's kids" more than usual.  I think, because of that, C must have said something to the kids because I've been hearing a lot of justifications to their positive comments about Daddy to me so I don't feel bad or something.

For example, this morning, Z was saying he was glad it was Friday because then he gets to go with Daddy and S to bring her to her teen group. 

I said, "I was thinking tonight you could stay with Kool and the Gang so you can do a fun thing I have planned for us, also because I think S needs some one-on-one time with Daddy tonight."

There was silence.

I said, "I'm Kool, of course."

He said, "I think Daddy's cool.  I mean, you're cool, too, but at least when I'm with Daddy, he lets me play video games."


(Later, I asked C about the video games thing and he said it's just a ball game thing on his phone that Z plays on Friday nights when he goes.  My phone isn't cool like that.)

Anyway, this conversation moved forward and Z went on to tell his cousin, N, all the many wonderful things about his dad.  It was sweet and I'm not the jealous type, but sometimes, it's a little frustrating to know that all five are on his side at once and everyone is just plain bored of me.

I think Z noticed I was eavesdropping, so he added at the end, "My mom's nice, too, though," and shot me a half-hearted smile to console me.

N said, "Of course you like your mom, she had you!"

Z said, "Um... my mama didn't have me, my other mom did.  My mama just bought me."

Shocked, I said, "I didn't buy you!!  We adopted you!"

Z said, "Well, I know adoptions cost a lot of money, so it's kind of like you bought us."

I said, "I didn't pay a cent for you."

Z said, "You didn't?  Why not?"

I said, "Well, sometimes adoptions can cost a lot of money for the legal fees and travel or whatever, but those are private adoptions.  We adopted you through foster care, remember?  So there were no financial costs.  Just time and a lot of energy."

Z said, "Yay!  I was free!  I was free!" and went skipping off, happy as ever.

I'm glad he saw the positive in that explanation instead of taking it like we didn't have to pay for him because he wasn't worth anything.  Our kids are priceless, of course!  Maybe I've instilled in them a proper love for freebies over the years and how awesome it is to get stuff for free or on discount -- so he knows they mean that much more to me because I didn't have to pay. 

Who knows?!  Kids are funny.


  1. I always crack up when you relay conversations with Z or N. Put them together and you COULD write a book. They are both so funny. "I was free"! :)

  2. Haha! This post is cracking me up. "My mama just bought me." :D

    What did little N say when Z corrected her? Just curious--I thought it was cute that she tried to point out that you had him and that is connected to how much he likes you.

  3. Mom, so true!

    Jessica, N didn't really respond. I think she doesn't really get the concept of adoption yet even though it's fairly openly discussed around here. So I think she just probably assumed he was tricking her. Anyway, she just sort of walked away at his response that he was purchased.

    I have to add that I was talking to my friend in AZ this afternoon and I told her to check out the blog because of this funny story on here and then I started to give her a little preview of what she'd find. C was in the room while I was telling her that Z thought we bought him, and C chuckled and said, "Man, we should've kept the receipt!"

    Haha. Some days more than others, for sure. :)