Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nervous System Videos

This week in science, our kids will be studying the Nervous System.  I am including some links below to three great kid-friendly videos which teach the basics of this system.

Check them out...

  1. An oldie, but goodie, from Schoolhouse Rock
  2. A cool video by Study Jams at Scholastic
  3. A fun video from Make Me Genius

Not only might it be fun for my readers to brush up on their human anatomy lessons, but this post makes it easier for me to link to the free videos during class time.

Here's one for the older kids (and adults) that's a little longer, but still entertaining and informative.  It's shared with us via YouTube and Crash Course Biology:


  1. I enjoyed all 4 links. The internet is wonderful!

  2. Awesome! I can tell the kids that Namma is learning what we're learning this week.

  3. Please don't test me on that!