Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goodnight, September

Wasn't it just January 1 like a week ago?

This year has gone by so fast and yet we have been challenged and pulled in so many directions, I can hardly believe it's October-eve already!

The moon and sky this evening were just gorgeous.  It's unfortunate that I have not yet mastered taking nighttime photos -- especially ones that feature the moon -- but anyway, C drove with me to the top of a nearby hill so I could try taking about a hundred photos of the moon that all require deletement (that should totally be a word).

Also so we could just pause a moment in this busy life of ours and appreciate the joy of the scene before us.

The gentle autumn breeze, the way the full moon lit up the clouds in the sky, the city lights, and the quiet noises of the desert when it's just the two of us and the occasional car driving by on the roads below -- it all makes for something magical that can't really be captured on camera by even the most skilled photographer.

However, I wanted to share my three best attempts at nighttime pictures that I've ever captured.  Practice may not make perfect, but at least it helps skills improve.  These aren't much to shout home about, but I was pleased that I got anything remotely photographic by which to remember this beautiful evening.

So here you go...

Sad to see September go and yet, I love early October for many reasons, so I will welcome it with open arms!


  1. Those are good! I've never successfully taken a picture of the moon. :)

  2. My vote is for the second photo, also. I really think the whole "escape" is worth the time. I'm so glad you and C take some "alone time" you desperately need.

    Time to look back and look ahead.

    Love, Mom

  3. We do try. It's tough sometimes to get away because of the special needs of our kids. S will sometimes willingly watch three of them, but to get her to watch a fourth is more difficult.

    Even as we were leaving to go look at the night sky -- we were gone for maybe 20 minutes and never really left the neighborhood. She said, "You want me to watch ALL of them?!"


    It's for their benefit, really, that we can steal a few alone minutes every so often. They just don't know it yet. :)

    I keep telling C that one day -- in the hopefully not too distant future -- I want to take at least a whole weekend away somewhere near the coast (San Diego maybe) for just the two of us. We'll see. :) I think having grown up watching you and Dad travel without us kids has put the bug in me, too.

  4. It really is good for your marriage to have a break. You come back refreshed and happy to see your kids, too.