Tuesday, November 27, 2012

House in a Snowglobe

I got this link from a couple different family members and it's a fun thing to do for the holidays...

Click HERE to check it out for yourself.

My house appears as part of our neighborhood (helicopter view), while my sister's house nearby is a frontal street view.  It's kind of cool, but still a little bit creepy to know they can pinpoint a house so accurately.  (Jessica said something about that in her email to me, so I'm just piggybacking in agreement.)


  1. Yeah, well they're obviously linked up to Google Street View, which has been around for however long, but it's still weird to think about how we can house-stalk with ease.

  2. Yes, obviously. :) I totally agree though. I've used that feature a lot in house hunting in the past ... to check out the neighborhood and stuff. So it's weird and cool.

  3. Isn't that cool, though. I do think it is a little scarey, though.