Friday, November 30, 2012

What Did They Just Say?

Our kids are all totally smart, intelligent, brilliant and creative -- just like your kids.  But sometimes, they are a mystery to me.  Sometimes, they say stuff that is quite hilarious, but then I'm left asking myself, "Did they just forget or did they actually not know that?"

Playing Bible Trivia with the boys in school yesterday (we do like an occasional "game day" in school to break up the monotony), one question was: How many days did it take God to create the earth?

We got Bible Trivia and Christmas Trivia at Dollar Tree.  Cheap fun!

I'm thinking, "Oh man, they'll get this one easy!  How many times have we read through Genesis and talked about the Creation story?  Dozens!!"

And then H said, "Seven days ... wait ... then He had two days of rest ... so, 8 ... or 9?"

Thankfully, Z restored my sanity a little with his answer: "Duh, six days to create the earth and one day to rest."

But before that, our devotion was related to the verse Job 12:12.  So before we got into the reading, I asked the boys to tell me what they remember about Job.

Before they got to the part where they were remembering, Z confidently said, "Oh yeah!  He's that guy who was told to go to the gates on the edge of town and look for Jesus..."

He continued on with the elaborate tale for a good three to five minutes, before realizing, "Wait... I think I have him mixed up with another guy..."

Sadly, I was confused by his story so much, I'm blanking on which guy he was actually thinking about.  His story sounds familiar though ... but not for Job.  Feel free to remind me in the comments if you know the right guy for that story.

Then after a little hint from me, Z replied, "So Job is that godly guy who God said the devil could go ahead and take his family, his animals and his house away and Job would still praise God anyway, right?  And then he did."

To which H added further details of how then the devil wanted to harm Job and God allowed it, the devil made Job all covered in sores and so then Job covered himself in ashes and his friends tried to tell him to curse God and stuff. 

Then he grabbed the Action Bible off the shelf (awesome invention for pre-teen boys if you need a Christmas gift suggestion for the boys you know) and turned right to the page so he could show us the illustrations of Job all covered in sores.

I love that they are actually remembering our Bible lessons!  Well... some of them anyway. 

Some is better than none.


  1. Ha! It's funny about their mistakes, but I was clueless when I was their age. I wouldn't have known that stuff though we went over it in Sunday School. I feel like I didn't really have much of a grasp on Bible stories until I was an adult.

  2. I know! I always tell our kids I'm jealous of their Bible knowledge at their age. I tell them they'll be hitting adulthood a whole lot better prepared than I was (from a Spiritual sense).