Monday, November 19, 2012

More X-rays

Disclaimer for the faint of heart:  This post contains photos of x-rays and some commentary about them.

H and Z were outside riding their bikes, jumping them off curbs, doing their usual stuff, when all of a sudden... H landed his bike wrong and crashed.

His arms were pretty scraped up and thankfully he was wearing jeans so his legs weren't too bloody, but when I asked H to change to shorts so I could clean him up and put some bandages on him, he couldn't stand without excruciating pain in his knee.  His words through sobs, "It feels like my knee cap is going to pop off."  He couldn't walk without assistance or put pressure on his right leg.

Fast-forward to the doctor's office, where we were able to get in and avoid Urgent Care.  We used a wheelchair to get him around and his knee had swollen to more than twice its normal size.  He was icing it the whole time because it was all I could think to do, but it kept on swelling.

They sent him for x-rays.

We won't know the official results till tomorrow morning.  However, we were shown A-C where there are possible fractures.  They all could be bone calcification, too, but they were pretty certain that he has at least one fracture, if not three.  Also, his kneecap appears to have shifted some when injured.

The possible fracture C, is difficult to see here because I used my phone to capture these images from the doctor's computer screen (they apparently have no way to print these).  But it's like right on top of the knee cap.

Anyway, he's home, he's got it wrapped and elevated, and thankfully, I'd saved my crutches from an ankle sprain -- and he's close enough in height with me now, that they are the right size.  Radiology had gone home for the day when we were there, so we'll get a call first thing in the morning.

Fun stuff.  What is with 2012?!  So challenging.  I'm glad it's nearly over ... and that I'm not superstitious about 2013.

On the bright side, I'm counting this doctor's visit and these x-rays as part of our human body study for school!


  1. That is certianly a positive response to this news!
    Use the experiance as a lesson in school. Good thinking :)

  2. Oh! And, by-the-way, I hope H is feeling better now!

  3. He is. A little pain, but he's fully capable of walking on it and stuff.