Monday, November 26, 2012

Paleo Update 2

H and I are still going strong with Paleo.  I feel so much better.  I sleep better.  My mood is better.  I haven't had a major carb craving yet, though I do get a little frowny when I think about ice cream and cheese.  I miss those.  But it's worth the trade to keep feeling stronger and mentally better.

My weight loss has temporarily plateaued.  This is unexpected.  I mean, I'm being strict as I can with the diet and to have cut out the fast food junk, all the excess carbohydrates and other yummy stuff, I would think I'd be dropping pounds like a crazy woman.  But no.

Seven pounds and I'm hovering around that loss for days.  Up a couple tenths one day and down a couple the next.  Feeling a little frustrated about that.

I brought it up with the chiropractor today and he says that my body had the initial loss while I was detoxing from all the evil sweets and stuff (okay, so he didn't say "evil") and now my body is reconfiguring how to process this new way of eating and I should start seeing pounds continue to shed soon.

I'm feeling skeptical.  But I'm not giving up.  December 13 is our 30-day challenge goal and I have nothing to lose (but more weight) by sticking with this.

Pounds or no, I still feel so much better in mind and body than I have for years.  That alone makes it worth sticking with the plan.

Stay tuned as we continue...

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  1. Well, I'm proud of you! I'm not sure if I'm sold on Paleo, yet, but your dedication is a good thing and the diet is definitely worth sticking to for another 2 weeks. Then you can re-evaluate the situation. It's good to know that a doctor is following your progress.

    Love, Mom