Monday, March 4, 2013

Gym Report, Week 1

So I figured, at least in these early stages of forming my gym-attending habits, that I will use this blog to document my success (and failings?) at the gym as a way to hold me more accountable and consistent.  I hope you won't mind.

C got our gym membership at Planet Fitness on Saturday, February 23.  My first visit to said gym was Monday morning, February 25.

We opted for this particular gym for a few reasons:

1) Membership is cost-effective.

2) Membership includes some good perks like one age 13+ guest per visit (so really, each of our memberships covers two people) and free haircuts as often as I'd like at the gym salon.

3) There are many locations in our local area and our closest one is about 7-8 minutes from our house on a road we use almost daily, which makes it much easier to visit more regularly.

4) This is considered a "no judgement" gym, which was appealing for those of us who aren't singles looking to impress anyone with the amount of weight we can lift so we can hope to grab a drink at the bar next door together, right afterwards (how the gym that is about two minutes closer to home is rumored to be like). 

Okay, so that's four reasons ... more than a few.  But hopefully you get it.

Anyway, so here is the first week's report:

E had to go into Urgent Care first thing in the morning due to a persistent cough gotten worse over the weekend, so I used this baby-free time to get in a quick workout.  I used an elliptical machine for 30 minutes on a low level at a bearable pace.

Later, after my niece duties were complete, I took S and we returned to the gym because I wanted to check out their strength-training equipment.  I did the 30-minute total body circuit training.  S attempted this circuit, but got frustrated with the equipment (I have more experience with these machines since my time at Curves) and eventually, walked the treadmill for 25 minutes.  While she continued working out and I was finished with the 30-minute circuit, I headed over to the 12-minute Ab circuit and mostly laughed hysterically to work out my abs because the machines in that area are crazy hard.

Both of us tried the Hydromassage beds for ten minutes before we went home.  Those were the best ten minutes of my day and I vowed to try to use that before I go home on most gym days.

I did not go to the gym on Tuesday because I was an emotional mess that day who could barely confront the workout of walking from downstairs to upstairs and back down again.  I was not really in a gym mood that day.

So on Wednesday, C and I both went to the gym at 4:30 after he was home from work and I was done with niece duties.  S was so nice to watch her siblings while we went to work out.

At the gym, I tried a new machine whose name escapes me, but it's sort of like an elliptical.  However, on this thing, your legs sort of kick forward as you move, instead of pushing back (in a more walking motion) as they do on the elliptical.  It was impossible to use this at a reasonable pace.  There were only two speeds, faster and fastest.  The timer was set for 30 minutes, but after 15, I seriously thought I'd pass out.  I stopped to get some water.  I got back on and by 20 minutes, I was spent.

From there, I headed over to the total body circuit and did 15 minutes there.  I added on a couple more upper body strength exercises on the machines out in the main area and then I spotted C over on the elliptical.  He did his strength training first.  I reminded him when we needed to leave to get kids to youth group on time and there was just enough time for me to get a Hydromassage before we headed home.

I had inadvertently forgotten to adjust the weight on my upper body strength training and I would pay for it the next day.  My shoulders killed me for a while.

On Thursday, I was too sore to go to the gym and thought I'd have Holy Yoga that night, but it got canceled due to building repairs in the room where we usually meet.

After dropping off the older two boys at football practice, S stayed with J and O, while I went to the gym.  C got there about twenty minutes before me (he'd also gone on Thursday).

I skipped the cardio equipment and instead did 30 minutes on the circuit plus additional strength training in the main room.  I had ten minutes well-spent on that blessed Hydromassage and then I headed home to get ready for a date with my hubby.  

While C decided he is probably going to go to the gym five days a week (on the weekdays), I decided that I would go three days during the week, plus Holy Yoga on Thursdays and then do one weekend workout on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on our schedule.

Saturday morning, I woke up feeling sick.  I'm not sure if it was because of date night and eating BJ's calamari and fish tacos (hello, breading and tortillas -- delicious! but both very non-Paleo) and then coming home and enjoying two chocolate chip cookies fresh baked by my favorite local baker (C), or what.  But my gut rebelled against me hard and I missed my Bible Study group even.

The rest of the day was pretty full with a football game and then our "family night" all afternoon into the evening -- which I'll blog about separately.  I did not get to the gym.

Sunday, we had church and then we picked up the house for guests who joined us for dinner.  After that I was exhausted.  So much for the gym on this weekend.

In Conclusion...
So overall, I feel like the first week was a success.  Did I do everything right?  Did I get there as often as I'd hoped?  No, I didn't.  But that I got there at all (four times!) makes me tick the Success box for this week.  Thank you, Jesus, for the strength and motivation.  Good stuff.

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  1. Your exercise routine is way better than mine. (Lately, mine is non-existant!)