Monday, March 4, 2013

Lent, My Days 17-19

Now that I'm spending more time with our kids one-on-one and as a group, I'm finding less time for blogging!  Maybe that's not a bad thing, except that I have so many things in my mind I want to blog about and not enough time for my outlet.  So once again, I'm stuffing three days of thanksgiving into one post since I found a moment between things to write.

Friday, my day 17
On this day, I was most thankful that D got the approval from her boss to stay home on Mondays.  My theory is that it will make things a lot more doable for both families.  But I blogged a lot about this in another post so I'll spare you immense amounts of reiteration.

I was also thankful for my date night and for BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse coming to Albuquerque.  I was thankful for time alone with my husband without all the chaos the kids can sometimes bring.

Saturday, my day 18
I was thankful for Z's first official flag-football game of the season.  The team lost in the end, but they put up a heck of a fight.  The other team had one obvious advantage: a girl. 

Apparently in our league, if a girl scores for the team, the team receives 10 points for a touchdown instead of just 6.  Personally, as a female, I find this rule outrageous.  I was as good (and sometimes better) in sports as many of my male friends growing up and I would have scoffed at the idea of having some handicap added to my score.  I don't think the message for girls or boys is a very positive one, but that is the way it is and the advantage definitely helped their team.  She was one of the best players on that team, too, by the way.

But to get back on track, not only was it a great game and Z did a heck of job out there on the field (the whole team really did), but I think I finally got my camera settings right for taking action shots in low light of the indoor arena.  The results yielded far less blur and far more usable shots.  I'm excited to practice with these new settings over the course of the season and see if I can get any better at photographing the team in their awesome moments.

Here is not necessarily one of the best photos from the game, but one of the best of our son, Z, from this past Saturday.

Sunday, my day 19
I felt better on Sunday, which I was thankful for, but after church, we had friends over for dinner and not only was the food delicious, but the company was terrific.  We had a really nice time talking and eating and playing games together.

C continued to prove his cooking finesse with grilled asparagus and green beans that perfectly complimented burgers and smoked salmon.  All that was finished with a fresh berry cobbler and vanilla ice cream (all this was Z's request for his "special dinner" since his birthday fell on a weekday).  Yes, I did partake in a small serving of the cobbler and ice cream.  Cobbler is one of my favorites and so it wasn't going to get by me that easily.

I'm still enjoying leftovers today, which is another thing I'm thankful for ... but don't let me get ahead of myself here.  I'll post about today's thanksgiving later.

What did you have to be thankful for this weekend?


  1. That is crazy that the girls score more points!! How ridiculous! It's insulting to girls and sends a bad message to boys. Sheesh.

    I will post about my thankfuls in my blog, of course! :)

  2. I like Z's team colors! Are his gloves part of the uniform for the team or did he need to exchange the ones he got for his birthday?

    I was thankful to get to my Mom's house and sort through a little and get home safely.