Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lent, My Days 25-27

We traveled to Arizona this past weekend, so my overall thankfulness is about the opportunity to do that!  But I will divvy up the days of Lent and recall some specifics for you here.

Day 25, Saturday
On Saturday, we drove the 6-1/2 hours to Tempe, where we stayed for the next two nights.  There was snow falling for a large portion of our journey and even some snow packed roads once we were up in the mountains.  But I'm thankful the Lord saw fit to keep our van on the road and to keep all of us safe on our trip!
I'm also thankful that we got to see our friends who moved to that region from New Mexico last autumn.  They've come back to visit a bunch of people here a few times, but it was nice having them all to ourselves in their new surroundings for practically the whole weekend.

Day 26, Sunday (even though they don't actually count for Lent, I count them!)
On Sunday, we met our friends for a picnic and hike.  What a great time we had!  I'm thankful that after missing my Holy Yoga class on Thursday and my time at the gym on Friday (and Saturday - Monday), I was able to go on this fabulous hike!  We had a lot of fun.
I'm thankful for SSW's daughter, the beautiful and talented Lauryn (she uses her name online a lot, so I figure she won't mind if I name her here), who taught me how to better make use of Instagram's functionality.  I'm such a novice!  But she taught me about using hashtags and emoticons.  It's all so much fun.  She, her sister, her cousin, her aunt and several of her friends are now following me on Instagram (and I follow them), too.  What a great way to stay connected with them all.
We also got time to go swimming in an outdoor pool -- yes, it's still winter -- and just relax and float about and spend time with our own family that afternoon at the hotel.

More about it later, but I'm very thankful we got our dinner for free on Sunday night because of some mishaps.  I love free stuff.

Day 27, Monday
This was our day to go home again.  I'm thankful for lovely weather in Arizona that morning and for clear roads all the way home.  I'm thankful for C doing all of the driving and letting me play on my iPhone for a lot of the drive.  (I wasn't ignoring you, Husband!  I always had my one ear turned on so I would be ready to continue our conversations when you were ready.  Hopefully you realized that when I'd put my phone down when we'd start talking for awhile.)

I was also so thankful for my very own bed, even though I needed like four more hours of sleep to make up for less sleep over the weekend.

What were you most thankful for this weekend?

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  1. I put my thankfulness for last weekend on your previous blog! Whoops!!