Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lent, My Day 20

If "My Days" of counting Lent were actually real Lent days, we'd be only twenty days from Easter.  But actually, there's almost a week more on top of my count.  So you don't have to panic.  You can still enjoy most of March and St. Patrick's Day and then figure out what everyone is going to wear for Easter Sunday.  It'll be fine.

So yesterday, my day 20, was really super special.  It was the first Monday of our new schedule and I heard that D got tons of stuff done at home (her girls shared with me today that she did all their chores for them before they got home from school -- what a treat!).

For our first Monday (non-holiday) without E, we wanted to go and do something new.  It had to be fairly close because three of our kids are still participating in a web design class in the middle of the day on Mondays.  I did some research and found out that we have a Telephone Museum downtown and it met all our adventure needs ... someplace new, someplace close, we could get there and back before class time.

So we went!  We had a lot of fun on a docent-led tour.  All the ladies who work at the museum have worked for years for phone companies for years (like back in the switchboard days) and they were all so friendly and loved that I brought our kids down there so much that they whispered about a way to thank us for coming and then produced five stuffed Energizer Bunnies to hand out to the kids.  Not sure what that has to do with phones, but it was very sweet of them and the kids were so excited about their surprise treat.

The kids all rolled their eyes when we pulled up and thought it was going to be a total snore fest.  But it wasn't.  We actually learned some great stuff and the kids were thrilled to be able to used a dial-phone (like I used hundreds of times as a kid).  Some of them weren't even sure how to operate it!  It was fun being "ahead" technologically for once.  Ha!

Anyway, I'm really thankful for the ladies down there who put up with our wild bunch and led us all around that museum telling us fun stories from the olden days.  I'm thankful we discovered something new in Albuquerque (housed in a building from 1906).  I still haven't met one local who knew we had that museum at all ... so any of you locals who want to check it out, please do.  The ladies there will give you first-class service.  Say hi to Delores for us!

I'm also thankful for my therapist.  I saw her last night and she gave me some great insight.  And even more exciting was spending time with H after that.  He went to the gym with me!  We worked out on the elliptical machines and then I taught him how to do some strength training on other machines (mostly upper body and a couple ab machines).  I learned that only members (not their guests) are allowed on the massage beds, so after I'd built them up so much, I felt bad that H wasn't allowed to go.  So I skipped it as well, so as not to be rude.

We headed over to the grocery store where he picked out some sushi and miso soup for dinner, as well as a protein drink.  I got myself some of the green Naked drink that I'm enjoying now and then (if it weren't for the price!! but they had it on sale, so it worked out).  We went home.

It was a good day.


  1. I guess I missed it if you previously mentioned that three kids are doing a web design class. That's cool! Are they building their own sites? Are they online for me to see? :)

  2. I love the phone museum. I'm glad the kids enjoyed it. It cracks me up since you just recently took a photo of my mom's yellow-wall phone in her kitchen as if it were a relic. :)

  3. Jessica, yes. H, J and O are enrolled (Z gave up his spot in the class for a friend who wasn't able to get in), but O mostly plays and J sort of gave up for the last couple classes. H is really into it though so he might have something pulled together to show you. I'll check with him and email you.

    Mom, that is a relic! It still has the old three-digit number on the front of it. But to you and me, it was just the phone in her kitchen. So it is funny thinking that it could be displayed in a museum nowadays. (I also told Delores at the museum your story about when you used to use a payphone --without coins-- to call quickly for a ride home after school. She loved it!)