Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Get to Know Me (2013)

We're home safe from our trip to Arizona and I will have some photos to show you (if you're not already bored of looking at my Instagram posts -- I went overboard, but I had fun doing it!) and a vacation recap, but first, I wanted to respond to an email from my good friend at Hope Rising Farm, here in a blog post to share with you all here...

Getting to Know Me (2013 edition)

1. What color are my socks right now?
A: White with black stripes.
2. What am I listening to right now?
A: Quiet.  Hmm.  This makes me very suspicious.  I should investigate why the kids are all so quiet.
3. What was the last thing I ate?
A: Twister's burrito: eggs, potatoes, carne adovada and red chile.  Not completely Paleo, but after getting home from Arizona so late last night, I was feeling especially lazy this morning.
4. Can I drive a stick shift?
A: No problemo.  My first car (1969 VW Bug) was manual.
5. Who was the last person I spoke to on the phone?
A: My husband, C.  He was gone from the house when I got home from bringing N to school this morning and I called to find out if he was already going to work or just headed to the kennel to get Nova.  He was going to work.  I'd be getting Nova a little while later.
Nova, on her way home from the kennel.

6. Do I like the person who sent this to me?
A: Other than spammers, I like all the people who take the time to email me!  But yes, she is a good friend from back east.
7. How old am I today?
A: 39, for realsies.
8. What is my favorite sport to watch on TV?
A: Gymnastics, figure skating and sometimes, football.
9. What is my favorite drink?
A: Water.
10. Have I ever dyed my hair?
A: Twice (years ago).  But I'm terrible with the upkeep, so now I keep my hair au natural and occasionally get some highlights put in when I feel like I need a spruce up.
11. What is my favorite food?
A: There is very little food I won't eat.  But I guess I'll narrow my favorite down to salmon.  Or potatoes.  Or chips.  Okay, so maybe it's too difficult to narrow it down to one thing.  Also, there is so many things I have yet to try, so I'm not really keen on limiting my choice to just what I know so far.  Sorry.
12. What is the last movie I saw?
A: If we are talking about a "whole" movie and not just bits and pieces, then I'd say Safe Haven.  But I watched the last 1/2 of The Recruit with C the other night.  Pretty good!  Maybe sometime I'll see the first part.
13.  What is my favorite day of the year?
A: Christmas Eve (in general), but so far for this year, my specific favorite day was getting to see my good friend SSW in her new home and state and give her several hugs.  I miss that lady so much!
14. How do I vent?
A: Mostly, I rely on a good cry and some prayers.  Sometimes, I clean stuff -- thoroughly.  I used to vent by yelling, but I've worked hard to get better and not do that as much.  Sometimes, when I feel like yelling, I just remind myself (out loud) to keep breathing.  Taking some good, deep breaths, usually clears my head enough to move forward without falling all over myself.
15. What was my favorite toy as a child?
A: My basketball and my baby dolls.
16. What is my favorite season?
A: Readers, do I even need to clarify this again? Ha.  It's still AUTUMN.
17. Cherries or blueberries?
A: I'm partial to both.
18. Do I want my friends to email me back?
A: Yes! Or even post their responses on their own blog and comment below with a URL so I can go read it online.
19. Who is most likely to respond?
A: I'll just let the responses tell that story.
20. Who is least likely to respond?
A: The President of the United States.


So, I'd love to hear your responses for this year.  Please email me or post your replies online and send me a link (or comment about it below).

Have Fun!


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