Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And More Doctors

So the year of the V is becoming more like the year of the D-R.  Doctors.  Although we have had plenty of vomit this year, there have been a lot of other reasons for visits to the doctor as well.

Fair warning for the squeamish -- this involves a mouth injury.

As I left the house this morning to go get N from school and then pick up S and her friend from the farm, I got a panicked call from H, who was home with O, that O had hurt himself and was gushing blood.  I got H to calm down enough to explain that I had to get N from the preschool and I'd be back home as soon as I could -- but in the meantime, to give him paper towels and an ice pack.

After practically running across the whole preschool to get N quickly, who wanted to stop and play on the playground for a minute today (but no), we zoomed home and I found O on the couch with paper towels and an ice pack.  (Yay for H following instructions!)

The story goes ... as soon as I left, O was running around wildly and charged at H, who instinctively raised his leg/knee to protect his body.  At the same moment, O put his head down and kablamo! O's face met H's knee.

H thought he'd knocked O's upper left front adult tooth clean out, but no, it was still there, just jammed back up in his gums pretty far.

I called the dentist who squeezed him in an hour from then.

I drove out to the farm to get the girls and immediately back to the dentist.  Thankfully, the teen girls were there to help me with E, N and J in the waiting room, while I went back for O's exam.  H and Z stayed home.

An x-ray showed no fracture in O's tooth, probably because it is still developing and the roots aren't fully formed.  However, because the roots aren't fully formed, there is a risk that the injury may have killed the nerves in his front teeth.  We won't know for a couple weeks -- when we have to go back in.

Ibuprofen should do it for now, though.  Nothing too serious.  Major bruising though, so his gums are all swollen and purple.

On a separate note, I have my regular checkup at the doctor's this afternoon and Z has his rescheduled orthodontist consultation tomorrow.

But here we are, one week of gluten-free and J's been vomit-free this entire time.  Things are looking up there at least.

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  1. Yea for J! So glad she is "V" free. (for the moment.)

    O's situation sounds awful. I hope he doesn't loose his tooth. I'm praying for a full recovery.

    Praise to H and to S for doing as told and helping out!!