Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daddy's Pop Quiz: Historical Figures

We arrived at the grocery store over the weekend, and before C ran in, leaving the rest of us waiting for him in the van, he said, "Which historical figure would you most like to meet and why?  And it can't be Jesus.  Think on that and I'll be right back."

The pop quiz worked surprisingly well to keep everyone settled as we waited.  It was a fun little game and I thought I'd share the brief answers here:

O: Jonah

J: Noah

Z: Martin Luther King, Jr.

H: Teddy Roosevelt

S: Harriet Tubman

R: Mary, mother of Jesus (I really want to know what it was like to raise a perfect child and beyond that, what it was like to raise imperfect children after raising a perfect one -- and how not to draw impossible comparisons.)


  1. Ha! That's funny.. a great way to keep their minds engaged for a few minutes. I like your answer the best, I think. I'd also want to ask her about life in that time period, motherhood aside!

  2. Oh, totally. I think I'd have a lot of questions for Mary. :D

  3. Harriet Tubman! Very interesting answer.

    That's a good tactic from C.